What do we know about the sphinxes?

You can call and dragons because it produces unusual sounds that are not typical of normal cats. They can be called aliens because of the unusual structure of the head and huge "locators", instead of the ears! Some people who first see the Sphinx , believe that it is generally a dog. From a distance they look like a Chihuahua or a toy terrier, although this is not the case. Why is the loss of the coat is not clear to anyone. Maybe this mutation, which has since been maintained and preserved to this day ... Sphynx cats eat a lot, they need energy and they have a very fast metabolism. Grab food as dogs and very loud champ. Because of the lack of hair in these cats are very visible flaws: thinness or obesity. Therefore sphinxes estimate more explicit, as opposed to fluffy cats. Because of the hairless people have a dislike for this breed of cats. For those. Who is not familiar with this breed, sphinxes seem ugly, disgusting and evil, like rats. But they are very loving and love to be kissed on their warm nose. Tied to a single host and sleep in his bed under a warm blanket or on the head master. During sleep, they become even hotter. Sometimes, when they sleep, let salivating from sweet dreams. And before you go to sleep, they urchat so loudly that their "song" is similar to the sound of the engine of the tractor. But do not think that people with allergies will approach the Sphinx. Well, yes, on a wool allergy will not, but you may be allergic to the saliva or for that matter, that they release the entire body, this substance - a sweat. He has no strong smell and a brownish tint. By the way, the sweat can leave marks on the fabrics. Very affectionate, kind, loyal, playful, smart, a little awkward, insanely sociable. No communication with a person they can not live a day. They say that the Sphinx has a mind of a three year old. They are like people, only with four legs and a tail! Hairless cats belong to the sacred and is credited with magical properties. It has long been believed that hairless animal gives his fur to heat the host.