Doberman Pinscher , Giant Schnauzer and Pomeranian

Doberman pinscher. Dog handler Otto Heller was able to complete the work of Ludwig Doberman . In addition to the criteria for their excellent exterior, he tried to create an excellent working qualities, which are so essential working dog. Unfortunately, in the future , such criteria are not kept all the fans, including a breeding species. Therefore, the breed began to appear frequently unbalanced dog that could bite its owner. This disadvantage is found even in our time. A long time ago Doberman Pinscher has become an excellent service dog. He is, in many countries the police and the army, and laid on him in great demand. Demand has not bypassed and fans, because rare dog with a lovely scent and long high agility at full tilt. We have Doberman Pinscher appeared only in 1902. The breed has a dark brown, blue or black color. It is important that in any color present a clear red- red markings . In the growth of a 66-72 male and female - 60-68 cm Giant Schnauzer The origin of this breed is unknown. But most agree that the ancestor of the Giant Schnauzer was zhestkoshersty pinscher. Today the breed is like a big black terrier. It has an elongated rigid hair of the eyebrows and face. Covered with hair and angular head is attached to the Giant Schnauzer menacing look . In conjunction with this type of dog has a more serious nature , and which is expressed in malice and distrust of outsiders . Giant Schnauzer has a service dog in 1955 . The breed has a pure black or gray ( pepper and salt ) color . In the growth of males reach 65-70 and females 60-65 cm is also a dwarf and a small schnauzer , which has a gray color with a dark mask binding on the muzzle . In the growth of small schnauzer reaches 42, and dwarf - 30-35 cm Spiez. It has erect ears , pointed muzzle and the tail folded ring. Dog is an ancient breed. The place and time of origin of the breed is unknown. What is known is that the Dog had already existed in ancient Greece. Moreover there is evidence in the form of images on vases and in written sources. Ancient Spitz has the same shape as the modern : a small fluffy dog with pointed ears and a curled tail the wheel . Spitz was a favorite among Greek women. Medieval Spitz was a direct descendant of the ancient . The name " Dog " first appeared in 1450 in the "palace statute" Count zu Germany Eberhardt Zan , where forbidden to speak " Hound Dog , " (" Dog Dog ") - it was expletive . Spitz was the favorite breed in Europe and was widely spread naturally . In our time, interest in the breed was asleep, as there were more fashionable breed. Dog is not only a room the dog, but the yard guard. He is very active , lively, intelligent and well trained . Spitz differ by three species: wolf - dog, a dwarf and a large Spitz . Wolf- Spitz should have a height not less than 45 cm , dwarf - 28 , and the big - 40. Wolf Spitz has volche gray color , as its name says . Miniature Pomeranian - black, white, brown, gray wolf , "orange" . Big Dog - black , brown, white.