7 pros and 7 cons of buying bald sphynx rat

7 "cons" of buying a hairless rat 1. The age of the animal life is about one and a half years (rarely two or more). This is due to a greater flow rate of metabolic processes in the animal body, in comparison with the conventional decorative rat. The life of the normal rats is about two and a half years. 2. Problems with the organs of sight. Sphynxes have no cilia and therefore should be closely cared their eyes, and, in the case of dust or other foreign matter, they should be rinsed with sterile saline. 3. The animal is prone to diseases of the respiratory system (rhinitis, bronchitis) due to violation of thermoregulation in consequence of the lack of hair. Be ready to prevent drafts in the house and the abrupt change of temperature. Temperature below 16 degrees is extremely dangerous! 4. Skin problems. Avoid prolonged stay of the animal in open sun to avoid skin burns. Peeling, dermatitis. 5. Hairless rats are prone to injuries of skin with claws and foreign objects, as the lack of hair makes the skin vulnerable. 6. Of course, rats eat relatively little, but hairless rat because of the rapid flow of metabolic processes have to eat a lot more than ordinary rats. 7. Hairless rats have big problems with the feeding of offspring. Some breeders believe that this is due to the underdevelopment of the breast, some believe that kids simply are short of breath under the rat during feeding. Many rats just eat their offspring on the second day. We kindly request, do not risk the health of your pet. If you have not changed your mind to get a hairless rat, then this is for you ... 7 "pros" for buying a Sphynx rat 1. The first thing hairless rat is exotics that pleases and surprises with an extraordinary view. 2. This breed of rats has been bred rats by mutations and this breed entrenched full confidence of people, they're fearless to the person, friendly and they have no aggression. 3. The rat always runs on your hands, due to the fact that it loves the warmth of human hands. 4. Rats, in general, are very intelligent animals, and if you can not afford to have a dog or cat, this case is yours. 5. This animal is a good gift for children, because of their extraordinary playfulness. 6. The absence of allergic reactions in humans due to the lack of hair. 7. Nothing brightens loneliness and uplifts mood as this small, kind and friendly animal. Just give him a little more care.