Angora rabbits

Place for your pet. The first step for a beginner in raising, it is necessary to determine the number of how many individuals he wants to breed. The animal should feel itself comfortable, it is the main criterion in breeding. In a city apartment it would be difficult to co-exist large number of Angora rabbits, but one or a couple of individuals will fit perfectly as pets. Feeding Keep in mind the rabbit is not a rodent, it's lagomorphs. They are herbivorous, so they'll eat hay, fruit and vegetables, and don’t forget about special vitamins and clean drinking water. Dangers Angora rabbits can die choking its hair. If cats and dogs can "cough" it, the rabbit can't do that. The best method of treatment is prevention. It is necessary to provide proper feeding and monitor the cleanliness of the animal's habitat, to prevent such a situation. Exercises Both person and rabbit need physical exercises. Allow your rabbit to run both outdoors (if the weather is fine), and in a manege. This allows them to develop not only physically, but also has a positive effect on appetite and overall condition of the pet. Haircut Angora rabbit has very thin hair and it could easily turn into a ball of hair. You have to take care of a rabbit, at least once a week. You can remove the old hair with your fingers or a metal comb and you can use a special hairdryer. Education Adult rabbits are trained much better than young individuals, so you can train them. The main thing is it always has to have its habitat, toys, things to take care of them - all this will provide its joyful existence. Angora rabbits will give happy moments for your family many times!