Chinchilla and at the same time like a squirrel and a rabbit. She has a round head, it is not much height and weight, adult weight of 400-700 grams in length from 20 to 35 cm, and the length of the tail 10 - 17cm. Chinchilla has a stocky body, as well as in rodents, the front legs are small, long tail. The neck is very short. Color in chinchillas usually gray - blue (ash). The exception is only in color abdomen, and it is white in color. Life expectancy is 20 years chinchillas. Appearance is the main criterion when choosing a pet. Smooth and tight-fitting coat to the body, the gleam in his eyes, all point to the excellent state of health pet, just be pure breath without wheezing or wheezing. Chinchilla must be strong, hefty, is nowhere to be bare spots on the scalp, especially in the baldness need to check the area around the anus. Do not recommend taking pets skinny, with pronounced edges or inactive, fatty fish, and do not forget the scalp animal. All of the above points to improper care of your pet. The eyes should be clean, with no purulent discharge. If pus be sure to make an emphasis on sneezing in infectious disease will have different discharge from the nose, they can be transparent, watery, can give a yellowish tint or mucus. The place where you will live your chinchilla should be dry and should have good ventilation, good lighting and have to be warm. The cage or enclosure must meet the biological needs of the pet. If you get a chinchilla for the sake of offspring, the cell must be high size not exceeding 50 cm cage should be equipped with sliding tray for litter consisting of chips and swarf. On the front wall of the cage feeders and waterers are placed at their location at the bottom of the cage, they can be overturned during the game animals. In a cell, you need to install shelves for Holiday House, designed just for relaxation and rearing. On the side of the cage, install additional feeding trough for hay that is necessarily present in the diet of the animal. To maintain the fur in good condition need to be installed in a cage Bathing with fine sand, this week to install it no more than twice, and for a short time, 30 minutes is enough. If you leave for a long time Bathing chinchilla will use it as a toilet and frequent bathing, the skin will be dry in a chinchilla, which by itself is not desirable.