Pygmy fancy rabbits. How to take care of them?

If you decided to buy a pygmy rabbit, you should understand that to let it walk around the apartment after you bought it isn’t enough. These animals are afraid of big rooms where they can get lost, fall down and hurt themselves. It will feel relaxed and confident if it has its own house. It will be able to feed, sleep, hide and relax there. A coop can be the house that will give it a sense of security. Keep some rules while choosing the rabbit. It has to be forty-five days and then you can buy it. Its hair should be shiny without bald spots. The animal must be strong and well-fed, with clean skin without pustules, with wet nose and symmetrical without plaque on the inside ears. Hair near the anus should also be clean, it shows the rabbit doesn't have digestive problems. When it is taken on hands, it shouldn’t become aggressive. You don't need to have special knowledge to take care of pygmy rabbits. It's easy, feed it in time, keep the coop clean and talk to the animal as much as you can. If the pet has long hair you need to comb it every day with a special brush. It's as easy to buy it as to buy special tongs for timely trimming claws, which will regularly grow. Offshoots of a plant must be always in the coop, because rabbits have to grind their teeth very often. Also, there must be a piece of chalk, to avoid calcium deficiency in the animal's organism. It's nothing strange if it eats its own night feces. Don’t prevent it. Useful elements are absorbed better due to the high content of vitamins and amino acids. Adult rabbit eats 35-40 times a day, that is, almost always, that's okay too. To avoid obesity, it's very important the rabbit keeps its diet. Usually rabbits don't need to be washed. However, if there is such a need, it is unacceptable to use detergents with smells. Bathe animal in warm water and then dry it with a soft towel. Rabbits are very afraid of drafts, so if you air the room, remove the coop to another place. Keep these simple rules and it guarantees you many years of happy living with such pretty animal.