7 reasons for choosing a hamster as a pet

Hamster is one of the most unpretentious animals in care. There are seven reasons to get a hamster. 1. Cage for hamster will not take much place in small apartment. There are two-level cells - this choice will provide a place for animal climbing along the twigs. This advantage is good in the case when other, larger animals keeping is not available because of the limited space. 2. Hamster is ready to be a loner. Hamsters do not need a close member of the family of rodents, it is much more comfortable in solitude. If there many hamsters in one house, there is a high probability of fights and fight for a place. In the case of a decision to have a couple of hamsters, be ready to place them separately. 3. Hamsters will not injure you and your children. Choosing the Syrian hamster breed you will get peaceful and yielding little animal. We have to admit that hamster's temper differ and it is likely you will get a sort of aggressive representative. During the life at the store, they face harsh treatment, and you have to correct the impression. Therefore, buying a small hamster, and ensuring it owed attention, expect good-natured and trusting relationship in response. Hamsters bite in case of sudden sharp "attack”, they can gently snatch the hand, if you disturb peace. 4. About hamster food. These members of the rodents’ family are not fussy, it is enough to buy them seeds, give them fruit and vegetables, except citrus and other acidic fruit. The list of prohibited food for hamsters is long enough, but in reality, it is worth remembering a few rules. The main rule is that its organism is not able to take food as well as ours. Therefore, do not often give food flavored with spices from your table. At the same time, porridge or boiled vegetables will be of good taste. Feeding process is not difficult, hamster does not need much food. 5. It does not require constant attention. Will you have the opportunity to spend a quarter of an hour or half an hour evening time with your pet? It does not need more. Hamsters get tired quickly, especially if they are in your arms. 6. Away with the damage of furniture and wires! Hamster ball gives them freedom of action and the ability not to control the movement of a hamster. 7. Clean its cage not too often. As a rule, in the cage a hamster has a house where it sleeps. The house should be cleaned less frequently than the tray with sawdust. It is enough to wash the cell and change the filler once a week. You can also make a maze for a hamster of materials on hand, on which it will run happily. A very funny show! Do you doubt to get a hamster? Make up your mind, you will not regret.