Guinea pigs

How can the look and feel of these animals? For a start, it is one of the most suitable for the child's pet: not aggressive and even if out of spite wants to bite, then the maximum that it will turn out, it hit you teeth. They love affection, quickly attached to their owners and are madly in love to be petted. Guinea pigs live in a cage, and therefore occupy less space in the apartment, plus everything they should not be walking the. They feed on plant food cost, and in the summer and spring, they can be fed with grass from the street. As it turns out healthier and more economical. Lifespan pigs, usually 5-8 years, which, incidentally, is long enough. These animals are suitable for children of all ages, as long as none of their family members was not allergic to animals. But, like any animals guinea pigs are a number of small flaws. For example, guinea pig, at the beginning of your acquaintance will treat you suspiciously, as these animals are shy and do not immediately expect them loveable. Just do not expect from a pig run any commands, in this sense, they are very primitive. But, for such primitive beings, they will be able to quickly respond to his nickname. Guinea pigs need to deal with, where they want, so the cage should be cleaned at least 2 times a week in order to avoid an unpleasant odor. Consider that of guinea pigs can be a lot of noise, except for the night time (usually at night they sleep, as well as humans). Carefully consider the location of cells to excess noise does not wake you up in the morning. Pigs sometimes you have to walk outside the cell, small enough runs around the room. But remember that they are rodents and, accordingly, they will chew on anything, they are small rodents, which means it can hide so it will be hard to get them, and they can relieve their need while running on your carpet or floor; drafts can cause them diseases. Guinea pigs need to communicate, so if you start thinking of them, it is better to take two at once. Caring for them will not be difficult, but the pigs are nice and you will be interesting to see their life together. Let them be the same age and gender (according to research by females live better together) Guinea pigs are much more advantages than disadvantages, so you will not be sorry if they have forged.