And no wonder: they contain no special difficulties in a huge house, and often - in the usual small city apartment. But it should be noted that the guinea pig is a gregarious animal, it is desirable to establish a group of animals at once, so they will not be bored. In the wild, they lead a very active life, so you need to take care of a sufficient level of physical activity, the animal was missing and it was not healthy. To maintain the required cage large enough rate of not less than 40 x 40 centimeters per animal. But no matter how large it may be, this is not enough, sometimes it is recommended to let the guinea pig run around the apartment. In the wild guinea pigs lurk at every turn, different hazards, so they just need to arrange any home, so that they can hide. Guinea pigs comfortable ambient temperature is above 20 ° C because it is very difficult during the heat, but at the same time, even in winter the temperature in the room where they are kept should not drop below 10 ° C. Optimal for the animals is considered to be a comfortable existence temperature of 16 - 18 ° C at a constant ambient relative humidity of about 50%. In the winter time because of the heaters indoor air is often very dry, so it is useful to use a special device, moisturizing the air and maintain the humidity within the specified limits. In the summer permitted occupancy cells in the garden. But on condition that the pet cozy house, which would protect them from rain and direct sunlight. The cage must be periodically adjusted on the lawn, while giving the guinea pigs graze freely. Aviary is also recommended that a grid of wire strong enough to protect the pigs from other large animals: cats, dogs, and large birds of prey. The bottom of the cage is sprinkled with hay, wood shavings or straw. Fine sawdust use is strictly prohibited because of the risk to animal health: they can get into your eyes or respiratory tract and wound him. Perhaps the use of toilet filler for cats, as it perfectly absorbs liquid and kills bad breath. Guinea pigs tend to copious amounts of urine, which leads to the need for frequent replacement of the filler cells. For the same reason, it is recommended not to use wooden cages. For most fruitful combined multiplication guinea pigs in the group based on 5 to 25 female individuals at one male. Guinea pigs live well with rabbits, but you need to take into account that the number of rabbits, guinea pigs may be small, only one - or two. Guinea pigs are very shy. In the early days of the new home they undergo a period of adaptation, so you need to avoid too sudden movements, try to treat them carefully as possible. Animals quickly tamed, learn the man who feeds them, cleans them cell. Over time, they show their devotion to the natural, meeting his master's happy whistling.