Accustoming pygmy rabbit to the toilet

It's harder to accustom a rabbit to the tray than a kitten. However, the problem may be solved, it is only necessary to be persistent. First of all, you need to choose a comfortable tray. Cat's litter with lattice will be fine for the rabbit. You put should put something into the tray that has already been used as a toilet by rabbit. This may be part of the litter, paper or cloth, with which you wiped its feces. First, it is the smell that will mean of the "right" place of toilet. It's better to put the tray where the rabbit often eases itself. Then you can little by little move it to a convenient place. It's useless to punish it for its mistakes - because by its nature they can't understand the reason of the punishment. But praise works very well. Once you find the kid "on the pot" - encourage it by treat or even just stroke it. A clear schedule of the day will also help to avoid surprises. If feeding and walking will take place in the same time, then going to the toilet will be adjusted. The tray should never be a place for games - it is designed for a single purpose. All this will help to develop a conditioned reflex. When it reaches puberty, even cleanly rabbits may start to mark territory. In this case only castration will help. This procedure is simple and doesn't cause health problems, so it's better not to delay it if you don't want use your pet for breeding. Rabbits are subjects to stress. The appearance of other animals in the house, a large crowd of people, loud music, neighbors' repair - all this can easily negate all the efforts of the owners to accustom the animal to the toilet. In this case you need to start all over again. But patience and tenderness certainly do their job, and your eared friend is sure to get used to this difficult skill.