Sphynx rat

They are perfect for people who have hair allergy. They are nice on the touch and not such aggressive. Such rats less smell, and if to pick up the filler at coop, there’s no scent at all. The filler may be pressed pulp and wood filler but don't use raspings of conifers. Clean the cage several times a week and disinfect once a month. They need the same coop as the nermal rats. It should be noted when they see the owner they try to get out and will no longer stay in one place. They will follow the master, like a dog. In the summer sphynxes can withstand the heat up to 30 degrees, but because they are hairless they can sunbathe. In cold seasons its temperature must be at least 16 degrees. If there several animals they will warm each other. Its diet consists of a grain mixture, vegetables, fruit, and they will not give up on a piece of food you offer it. The presence of fresh water in water bottle is also important. Hairless rats are often prone to diseases. Especially to eye diseases, because the lashes are also absent, the probability of falling specks and dust is great. You should also pay attention to the claws, if a rat doesn't gnaw them by its own then you must cut them periodically and then a rat will not hurt the skin. Cutaneous glands of rats are very active and a specific wax bloom This bloom mostly appears on rat-males. Blacckhead may occur on the skin if you don't clean the bloom. To avoid such troubles, it is necessary to clean the animal's skin with a damp soft cloth from time to time. After this procedure, it is necessary to warm the rat wrapped in a towel. If your pet is dirty, then you should wash it with shampoo for rodents and also wrap in a towel. For better skin condition you can sooth its skin with two drops of olive oil. This procedure will also help in skin peeling. Smooth the oil carefully, effortlessly rub on the back and then on the sides, also rub a belly. You cannot use aromatic and cosmetic oils for this purpose, because after licking this oil can get into the stomach and hurt your pet. If thre is no olive oil, it should be replaced by burdock root oil extract or linseed oil. Such care will bring pleasure both for rat and the owner,because it will be nice to stroke soft skin of the animal.