Why a bunny is the symbol of Easter?

To begin with, the symbol of Easter doesn’t exist in all Christian countries. It’s common only in some European countries (in west part of Europe) and in the USA. Easter bunny itself has the pagan origin and the history of it reaches back to pre-Christian Germany. Germans then believed in Deities, one of those was Eostre, the goddess of fertility and spring. In her honor the celebrations of spring were held the same day as the day of equinox. As a rabbit is the main symbol of fertility, they became to identify it with the Eostre and coming of spring. In XIV century, the legend about Easter Bunny who laid eggs and hid them in the garden has become popular. Later the Germans brought this legend to the US, where the tradition to give children chocolate and marzipan hares came up. Eventually, this tradition has joined the Christian feast of the Resurrection, or Easter. Nowadays, it’s established to give children sweet hares or rabbits and colored eggs at Easter.