Burmese cat

Selection of Burmese cat The selection has continued for many years. There were different looking kittens in the offspring: some were of Siamese color, the others were of VongMau color – with dark body and darker limbs and the other were darker than previous but with gold yellow eyes. The third group of kittens became the material for further work. In 1936 in the USA the association for breeding these cats was created. Only in 1957 it has got its own status after when there was a quite difference among new-Siamese cats. Despite restrictive export of Burmese from the USA, in 1949 some cats appeared in Europe and in 1954 the British club of Burmese cat-lovers was created. Cats which appeared in Europe had warm dark tone of hair of chocolate-milk color with darker limbs. Claims on Burmese cats Lilac Burmese in the US is called platinum but it’s easier to name than to determine this color with words. You have to see it if you want to understand the fabulous variety of colors in Nature allotted even for domestic cats. Its color has all commodities gradations: golden, silver, platinum that corresponds to its price on world market. The requirements to Burmese cat’s points are the following: an adult cat has flat color and is a little lighter on chest and abdomen. No white spots and stripes. Muzzle, ears and limbs are a bit lighter than its back. Young cats and kittens are a little lighter, the contrast between the color of the body and limbs may be noticeable. Appearance of Burmese cats The common type is muscular without thickness. The body is of medium size, strong and tight, genteel and long enough. It’s got strong round chest and straight back line. Legs are high and graceful. The tail is long and spired, of medium thickness but doesn’t look like a whip. This breed is distinguished by a head that looks like a flat blade, it’s more shorter, more flat and more wide in chin than Siamese cats have. The skull is round. The nose has a little shir. They always have greenish eyes and this is a serious defect of the breed. They have short, soft and nice hair that is tight to the body and has a nice shine. It’s got green eyes, the fracture of the tail and Siamese type of exterior or color. White spots cause disqualification of the breed at cat shows.