How to bathe a cat?

Nature has created a cat the most cleanly creature when to compare with other animals. Therefore, please note that bathing a cat every day or once a week isn't necessary. This procedure is necessary at extreme, for example, when it's hot summer and it's necessary to cool a cat, or when it has played in the street and came home with dirty hair. Or ... it has parasites. Also, it is necessary to bathe the kitty before the show. So, before will bathe it in the bathroom door should be locked. If this isn't so you'll have to cancel bathing as it will take much time to get it out the wardrobe or a bed. Before bathing it's necessary to prepare the equipment: a small tub or basin; Turkish towel, it must be put neatly on the bottom of the tub; rubber mat, it will replace a towel in the tub or, it is better to stand on it when bathing a cat. Towel must be put into a bowl for the cat could bottom with claws, so it will feel itself more confident. The tub is filled with warm water, which should have a temperature of 36 to 38 degrees. Also, you should know that the cat will escape, even, perhaps, scratch and bite. Therefore, it must be treated tenderly, prepare it while stroking and constantly ... talk, talk and talk to the favorite. Don't shout! Don't beat it! Don't threaten! It's not easy and even offensive when the cat is dry, and the owner is wet head to toe. Even the whole bathroom is hit with water. It’s a favorite creation – it’s beautiful, and doesn't deserve cry. Usually, a cat calms down when it gets wet, it understands it's useless to resist, it will purr but suffer. You can take it firmly with one hand by the scruff, and with second hand soap its hair with cats' shampoo. Wash pet hair tenderly and then wash off the foam with warm water and thin stream. Wash off the shampoo carefully! It is best to bathe a cat with someone else, in this case, someone holds little animal, and someone washes it. If there is noone to help, it's necessary to fix the shower stronger, that it's motionless. The water hose is put on the tip of the tap. It will be much easier to carry out this procedure. However, it’s more difficult if the cat runs away only from a single sound of water, in this case, no hose or shower will help. Small dippers, deep bowls, plastic mugs help here ... that if the cat knocks such things from the hands, such sound won't scare it more. All hard work is done, the cat is clean. Now you need to roll it in a large towel warmed up on the battery. You have to carry this rolled "doll" in your arms and talk that nothing terrible has happened, that all need to wash and have a shower. Don't dry the cat with hairdryer, even with a jet of warm air, it can catch cold and then new problems will begin, for example how to make a cat to take medicine.