Felinology is the study of cats

9 lives of the beauty The proverb says a cat has 9 lives. How to understand this statement? In ancient times people treated cats as mysterious, dreamy and secret creature. It was believed that a cat could overcome death several times. So what is it: the amazing vitality or the capacity to get out of any situation? The answer is the second. A cat is a predator and like all predators it’s got quick reflexes that allow it to get out of any critical situations. Also, cats are incredibly hardy. Cats’ life expectancy: domestic cat – 12 years, yard cat – less than 5 years. The history shows there were 20 years old cats. There’s information about certain cats long-livers who have lived 34, 36 and 38 years. The oldest cat lived in England and in 1987 died at the age of 30. Felinologists have argued for many years about cat’s and human’s age parallel. Table of life There’s an exemplary table of matching, of course, an expert will make some corrections regarding to the breed of cat. Age: cat – human > One month – 6 months; > 2 months – a year; > 3 months – 2 years; > 4 months – 5 years; > 5 months – 8 years; > 6 months – 10 years; > A year – 16 years; > 2 years – 25 years; > 3 years – 30 years; > 4 years – 35 years; > 5 years – 40 years; > 7 years – 45 years; > 8 years – 50 years; > 10 years – 60 years; > 12 years – 65 years; > 14 years – 70 years; > 16 years – 80 years; > 20 years – 90 years. Conclusion? A cat becomes old very fast. Blind kittens just in one month pass into that age and development path as just the human needs 3 years. After 6 months a kitten is independent from its mother and after a year reaches puberty. At the age of one year cats can give first offspring. At the age of 2 a cat becomes mature and her character is fully developed. The owner of fluffy beauty must understand the sooner he starts to train it the better success he can achieve: the residence will be pleasant and comfortable. When the cat is 8 years old no matter how it looks you should treat it as old cat: it needs more care, more love and more worry. Special food, frequent visits to the vet, understanding cat’s needs… All of these will lengthen its health and life and it’ll be happy with the owner.