Cat allergy

The most important condition of well-being - is the complete lack of contact to allergens. Otherwise, atopic eczema, allergic rhinitis, hives, and sometimes asthma are unavoidable. The degree of an allergic reaction can be different. There are people who just crossed the threshold of the house where a cat lives, begin to sneeze, rub their eyes and cough. At the same time 30% of people with cat allergy patiently continue to live with them beneath the same roof. Some people believe cat's hair causes specific reaction. Even smooth-skinned Sphinx does not guarantee "cloudless sky" for sensitive people. They are the animals' pheromones which cause allergy. There is another feature in this case. One and the same allergic individual may react differently on different cats.. That is, if a person sneezes and coughes because of one cat, the other cat doesn't even cause a slight tingle in the nasopharynx. What to do if the cat's owner doesn't want to part with his beloved four-legged friend? In this case, he will have to adapt to the situation. The following tips will help: • It should be less contact with the animal. The less you stroke and cuddle the cat, the easier it will be to breathe. • It is advisable to limit the area of ​​the free movement of pet in the house. Let the room where you sleep and keep your things will be closed for the animal. So you protect your body from further contact with the cat's secretions. • While cleaning up it's recommended to use special neutralizing agents. Vacuum cleaners and air purifiers with powerful filters can help to reduce allergens in air. • It is advisable to wash your cat more often. Let weekly bathing will become a regular procedure. That will help to regularly wash the pheromones off the hair . • Cat's desexing also can be a solution. Allery often develops because of the animal urinary tags. • Your pet must have good food and favorable conditions for life. Often, inappropriate food causes an increased amount of secretion. • Antihistamines always should be in the medicine box which you have to take during periods allergy aggravation. • Also consult an allergist. Maybe a course of allergens injections will help you. Such a therapy improves the immune system and weakens allergy symptoms.