Most popular breed of cats in Europe

What are the benefits? It is a small breed (its weight is up to 3 kg). Despite its mobility Devon Rex eats a little. Big ears with a bone at the end big wise eyes remind a creature from another planet. Only its look is worth something. It will impress surrounding people. The appearance is very important for each animal. If the pet is intelligent and devoted then the owner is lucky. Devon Rex breed is different that all of them are potty-trained. When a kitten opens its eyes, its mother at the same time carries it to the litter box. It shows a kitten how to row sand, why it’s there and it does it several times a day. It seems all Devon Rexes have such instinct on genetic level. Most interesting thing is they are easily trained and follow orders like dogs do. They are very playful and games must be various during the day. Devon Rexes are talking cat-dogs. They can talk with owners with the help of different sounds what they want. They can bring in mouth their favorite toy and say “Meow” that means “Play with me” and nobody can resist even if it’s 6 in the morning and you want to sleep. The owners show their good results in training when there are guests. You can ask it to bring a certain toy (it may be a mouse, ball or a stick) – they have got many of them and really understand the names of the toys. They easily stand travels and quickly adapt to new life conditions. You get relaxation from each animal but from Devon Rex get it twice because their hair looks like soft velvet that calms you and nervousness and irritability disappear. Speaking about hair. Devon Rex is antiallergenic breed of cats. That’s why it has gained popularity in Europe. They have delicate short hair and they don’t lose it and don’t leave it everywhere as other breeds do. Their color may be different. The rarest color is white and usually such cats have blue eyes. Real pedigree cats are sold in Europe (in Sweden, Germany and Denmark). If you want to buy it you have to wait your queue because the politics of government is very strict towards human’s and animal’s health. A healthy cat can produce offspring once a year. While buying pay attention to its price (they can’t be cheap) and the presence of all necessary documents (genealogic table and medical table with all vaccinations). The prices aren’t small – from 1500 to 3500 €. Nevertheless, people who want to buy such “alien” marvel increase every year.