A few advices how to take care of a kitten

The №1 problem. You have to leave your kitten alone at home for 2 or 3 days. It’s a typical coach potato and can’t stand any trips. What do you do when you’re not home and your kitten doesn’t starve? Solution: don’t leave your pet at home more than 24 hours. The best you can do is to arrange with your neighbors or friends to look after your kitten and help it not to get bored. If there’s no such opportunity think about taking it with you. Think about transport. Nowadays, there are many mobile cats’ houses. Step by step habituate your cat to it. Put inside it cat’s favorite toy or cup with water or smth that attracts cat’s attention. When it’s time for a trip, cover the carrying with tight material (leave some space to air circulation). In such way you will make something like a mink, and your kitten won’t be scared. The №2 problem. A cat is always hungry. The cat eats and sleeps and eats almost constantly. You feed it and after 10 minute it meows and wants more. What to do? Solution: show it to a vet and be certain it doesn’t have problems with health. If everything’s fine, it shows your cat tries to draw more attention. That means you don’t care enough of it. A cat is like a child. It needs to fawn, to run, to play and to frisk. So do it. Play with your kitten, try to train it, stroke your pet and nurse it. The kitten is pleased and there’s a benefit for you. To keep it not fat think about its food ration. If your hairy gobbler has a good appetite it would be easy for you to cut the heat of food. Increase the amount of liquid in food. The №3 problem. Your cat does have an excess weight. What to do? Solution: there are many reasons of excess weight. The main are: overeating, lack of physical activity and disease. If you find out the reason you know how to cope with it. There are some kinds of diseases when cats gain much in weight. To be certain consult the vet. It’s a must. Self-treatment isn’t allowed. If it’s overeating try to reduce the amount of food once a week. Increase the amount of liquid. Weigh everything and follow the dynamics of weight change. Don’t do sudden actions. In other case the cat’s stress is inevitable. Only you can identify lack of physical activity. This is only your fault. Play with your cat several times a day. Let him run, play and frisk. Believe me, these games will be a great pleasure for you too. It’s the best way to relax, escape from work and office, etc.