Then Zula was crossed with British shorthair and in 1882 Abyssinian was recognized as separate breed. If you believe the second story, the Abyssinians were imported to Britain by the Romans. Abyssinian is one of the most popular breeds in Europe. More and more people are interested in buying this cat. Abyssinian is mid-sized, has muscular and slim body. Limbs are of medium length and sinewy. The tail is of medium length, tailset is broad. The neck is short. The head is medium-sized and wedge-shaped. Ears are large, round, with tassels on the tips are far from each other. It has large almond eyes, of amber, hazel or green color. Hair texture is thin, short and dense. You should comb it with a hand not with a brush. Agouti is the usual color of Abyssinians. Its main point is the alternation of light and dark stripes on each hair. The temper of Abyssinian is active, lively and energetic. These cats constantly need care, can play even in adulthood. These cats are so smart and intelligent that they can be taught simple commands, for example, to bring things. The cats of this breed need much space for games, because they can't sit still. Not aggressive and curious cats can safely communicate with other cats and even dogs. Abyssinian cat gives preference to the high places, from there it can control all the situations happening around. The curiosity of this cat knows no bounds, if, for example, you sit down to read an interesting book, the cat will immediately "read" it with you, or if you sit down at your computer, most likely it will start to "print" on the keyboard with you. Cats of this breed are not very prolific, there aren't usually more than 4 cats in the offspring. Abyssinian is a good mother. Kittens after birth receive a lot of maternal care.