Domestic cats

Most cats regardless of their sizes have the same body proportions and the same food ration. Absolutely all cats eat meat killing their prey. Small mice are the food for domestic cats, and big zebras, deer and antelope are the food for the lion, the king of animals. All cats have pads on their feet which help them to move quietly. Also cats have sharp claws. There are five claws on the front feet and four on the hind feet. Cats’ sounds as meowing and hum are usual but they can also yowl or shrill. The representatives of larger species roar. The interesting fact is that lions, tigers, panthers and jaguars can’t purr. No one can tell about when a human met a cat. All cats have been living on all continents from time out of memory. The scientists find skeletal remains of cats that have millions years old. However, usual domestic cats have become themselves recently. Now scientists suppose that people domesticated cats 5000 years ago. Everybody knows the fact that Egyptians domesticated cats and deified them. Though. Egyptiac goddess Bast was represented with the head of a cat. They often made cats a sacrifice. When a cat died in Egyptiac family then its members and servants were in the crape and they shove their eyebrows. When a cat died that lived in a temple, all town was in the crape. Many cats were mummified as well as pharaohs. The punishment of killing a cat was death penalty. It is interesting that cats appeared in Europe only in 1000 AD. However, in Europe a cat has lost the status of deity and still embody the epitome of evil.