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Bengal cat

Bengal cat looks exactly like its ancestor, the wild leopard cat, but only at a reduced size. The exterior of the Bengal cat resembles the wild, but this cat is very affectionate and home. Jean Mill created the breed, living in Arizona, which had the idea

Cat’s games

A game is necessary for the harmonious development and wellbeing pastime of a cat. For a kitten, this is a way to strengthen muscles and develop coordination. For an adult animal, it is an opportunity to keep fit. Cats have long lived side by side with

Choosing a pet

Once you have decided to get a kitten you have a question about who to choose - a male or a female. At an early age, the behavior of kittens is not different, and sexual identity has no effect on their behavior. However, with age, everything is significan

How to choose a partner for your purebred cat

In any cat's life comes a time when it needs a partner. Of course, street cats, unlike their purebred counterparts, are much happier: they walk, where they want and give birth from those they like. Nevertheless, for the purebred cats, the owner picks a gi

Indoor cats

Many people think that cats living in apartments are happier than those cats that live outdoors or in a cottage. However, it is not so, because they cannot leave anywhere, if they do not like something. Compared with their counterparts, indoor cats live i

Body language and behavior of cats

Trying to understand what is on the mind of your pet, it is important to pay attention not only on the verbal cat-like sounds, but also on the cat's body language. Cats always communicate with us using body language, and some use it more often than voice