5 main mistakes in cat’s tendance

Every cat’s owner wishes it all the best. Sometimes we think about that we do damage to them by our actions. How to lengthen healthy and happy life of your pet? So, what mistakes do the owners make? 1.Don’t limit the freedom of movement. Not all owners want their cats to walk on the street. There are many dangers: it can be run over by a car, it can poison itself, can get lost and take up parasites. So, try to give it as much space at home as you can and don’t close rooms from it. Also they can climb somewhere high and watch you. Equip some cat corner; it can be high scratching post with shelves or a whole system which allows them to move around the flat not touching the floor. 2. Don’t scare and punish the animal. Many people think the punishment is the best way to teach the animal. However, cats are very independent and proud animals and if you punish and scare them they will only achieve negative attitude towards you. The best way to coordinate behavior is treats and praise. If the animal is always under stress it is put to various diseases but a happy one will be healthy. 3. Don’t surfeit your cat. Unfortunately, an excess weight isn’t only a problem of modern humanity but of pets too. If your cat asks for more food always keep within bounds. Remember the excess weight causes arthropathy and heart diseases and diabetes mellitus. 4. Don’t give it food designed for dogs, horses, other animals and people. Some medicine as aspirin can kill your pet. Don’t give your pet medicine against flea that is meant for dogs. Cats are very sensitive to many things and we even have no idea. Feed should be designed only for cats and be appropriate to its age. If your four-legged friend eats only natural food, don’t give it bones, candies, pasta, coffee and tea, some cats can’t stand milk. If there are plants they can eat, please ensure that they aren’t poisonous. 5. Always clean cat litter box. Cats are clean animals. You really don’t want your cat stop using its litter box. So try to keep it neat and clean it once or twice a week. This procedure is very important: you can take control of its health and see a vet right on time. These 5 prohibitions will keep your cat healthy and live a long life. Of course, it’s not everything you can do for your pet, for example it is recommended to go to the vet regularly. Take care of your pet’s health and it will make you happier.