10 misperceptions and myths about cats

1.Wipe cats legs with oil if you want your cat to find way home. This advice is always given to those who changed their place of residence and want their cat to walk first time. There's much better way. Keep your cat at home first two weeks so it understands it’s a new home and it’s safe. Also you can put a microchip on your cat to be sure. If it has lost its way home you still have a chance to find it. 2. The best food for cats is a saucer with milk. Many cats drink milk with appetite. Unfortunately, there's lactose in milk and cat’s organism can't digest it. This causes diarrhea which can’t be useful for anyone. 3. Before a cat is spayed it should have first brood. Cats don’t have maternal instinct and there’s no reason to wait for brood. If the gonads are spayed from the very first the cat will be healthier. 4. Cats have 9 lives. It is not true. This myth is probably originated from the story of famous writer William Baldwin “Beware the Cat” where it says the witch is allowed to take the cat's body 9 times. 5. Medium life span of a cat that is allowed to walk on the street is 2-3 years. It’s not true if to reject the possibility of accidents. Any official studies didn’t confirm that. Vaccinate your cat and it won’t get any infection. 6.Cats aren't allowed to be next to pregnant women. There's some truth because of toxoplasmosis, the disease that is spread because of cats’ faeces. If to keep rules of hygiene the possibility of contamination is eliminated. Other member of family can clean the litter box. 7. It won't catch mice and birds if there's a bell on its collar. If the bell is constantly ringing and then the prey will hear it and will not let cat to catch itself. Do not undervalue cats. Some studies show that a cat learns to move so that the bell doesn't ring at all. 8. Castration and spay cause increase in weight. In fact, cat's weight depends on food and its physical activity. There is no evidence that maiting influences on cat's weight. 9. Cats are hard to train Cats are freedom-loving animals and it’s easier to train a dog. Look at the results of masters. You can teach your cat to follow some orders. The cat mustn’t be forced, it has to want it. They’re very intelligent when they want it. 10. Cats always fall on their feet. In most cases it happens that way but there are exceptions because it depends on flight. If a cat lands on its feet it can damage its pelvis. Of course, a cat always tries to land on its feet as the sandwich falls with the buttered side downwards.