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Sphynx: temper, care and feeding

Today, one of the most extravagant animals on the earth are cats of Sphynx breed, the main feature is they are hairless. These animals are very beautiful in appearance and their nature is unique. They have existed in the times of the Egyptian Pharaohs, and the first modern sphinxes appeared in 60s of the 20th century in Canada. Decades later, these stunning, extraordinary hairless cats began to appear in other countries. The main types are: the Peterbald Sphynx, Canadian Sphynx and Don Sphynx. People sell sphynx kittens, and customers buy them without hesitation. Since this breed is quite popular now, it is important to tell about feeding, nature and care nuances.

Nature of the Sphynx

Firstly, just get used to its appearance. Then you will realize what a true friend you have found. The main feature of the Sphynx cat is these animals are very fond of care and require it from both the owners and animals. They are friendly with guests in the house, unlike other breeds of cats, which may be jealous of their masters to the guest.
Sphynxes adore showing off in front of guests. Due to the lack of hair, they love to be in warm places. They sleep usually under the blankets. Being next to the people for them is true happiness, and they will look for such a communication everywhere. Sphynxes love to play hide and seek, so do not worry if your pet suddenly dropped out of view. Surely, Sphynx has hidden somewhere and is waiting the moment you find it Sphynxes do not like being alone, so do not leave your pet alone for a long time.

The most characteristic features of Sphynxes

1. The absence of aggression. Cats show a positive attitude both to every family member and to strangers.
2. Friendliness. Sphinxes do not hold grudges on the owners, even if they are punished without a reason. They are patient and friendly to children. These lovely animals allow to do almost everything with them, from pulling in arms, especially of small children to painting body art on their bodies. If this is very painful and unbearable, the most they can do - just call adults for help with insistent meow.

3. Playfulness. Sphynxes love to run and play. Playing hide and seek gives them a lot of pleasure.

4. Courage and curiosity. Sphynx will not hide or be afraid of strangers, on the contrary, it will show itself in all its glory.

We hope that this characteristic of Sphynxes fully reflects the specifics of their character.

Sphynx kittens care

Sphinx kittens keeping is no less important. They are hairless, as was mentioned above. This makes its care easy. There are many pecularities in its care, and it is important to know them.
Sphynxes need warmth, since nothing warms them. You probably have noticed many times, how Sphynx likes to bask and lie under a blanket - it is a direct proof of this. You have to clean their ears and eyes, like any other cat. Sunbathes are necessary - but do not overdo them, as this may cause damage. Fresh air is also very useful for your pet. Accustomed the Sphynx to it step by step.
Timely vaccination is necessary. In fact, these cats get sick very often, but to catch an infection from other animals is very high, if there is constant contact with them. To keep its teeth and gums healthy, you should clean them with a mild brush using a special paste. It is also necessary to monitor the state of the eyes, and if strong eye discharge is found, you should consult the vet. More information about Sphynx care you can find in special literature or an expert can tell you.

Sphynx feeding

One of the most important issues is its feeding. These cats eat everything, and they have good enough appetite. They are not choosy and picky. It is important to remember that their feed should include high protein and calcium. The diet of the Sphinx must be sufficiently diversified. It should always consist of meat (chicken, beef), dairy products, various cereals, dry feed, eggs and of various delicacies.
By the way, Sphynx tastes may be specific and they are not often the same as the preferences of other breeds of cats. For example, the Sphynx can love chocolate. This is wonderful, but this kind of pampering with treats is good if it is not bad for its health. Feed Sphynx kittens often - about 6 times a day. Number of meals of an adult Sphynx should be 2-3 times a day.

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