The Dog & Puppy Articles

Raising a puppy at the first year of its life

The dog is a mans friend, and as a rule, when it becomes our friend, it is necessary to educate it properly. To your friend grew up good and decent dog, you need to bring it up from the moment you brought it home.

Grooming: is it really necessary to a dog?

To put oneself in order, each of us carries about the same steps: washes, dresses, and brushes his/her hair.The same hygienic measures must be carried out with their pets.Combing and trimming your dog is not a self-indulgence, but the necessary care.

Choosing a breed of dog

No holiday cannot be compared with the time when a four-legged friend appears in the family. It is sad for those puppies that come to the shelter because they were purchased at the time of impulse of desire. Most of these negligent owners do not consider

Everything You Need to Know Before Adopting a Husky

In these dogs, the blood of the ancient northern dogs and wolves flows.They were domesticated long before people managed to domesticate deer.People always could rely on them in any weather; they overcame great distances in a short time.

Proper puppy's training

To train an intelligent, understanding commands dog, first you must learn to understand what it wants at any given moment, to understand its mood and state of health.The problem of understanding between a dog and an owner is always in the foreground.The r

How to train a dog rightly?

Many people, who keep a Belgian shepherd, are interested how to train it.The dog must reach at least seven months of age to develop the control and obedience skills.Moreover, by this time the dog should be able to chase, to attack and have a grasp techniq

Australian bandog - powerful and strong dog

Australian bandog is a powerful and strong dog with tenacious jaws.Bandogges are usually very strong and dangerous animals, the term "bandog" means a dog, kept on a chain.First Bandogges first appeared about thousand years ago.In England, they were used a

Finnish reindeer herding huskies

Dogs serve a man for a long time and in all climates.In the North, for example, popular breeds are huskies.In Finland, the Finnish reindeer herding was withdrawn.What sounds in the title?The mission of the dogs was to care for the deer, without which it i

The Adorable Saint Bernard Dog: Everything You Need to Know

Strong, powerful, and beautiful dog is a St. Bernard.The breed owes its origin to the monk who in the Alps of Switzerland has created a kind of shelter for travelers.This place, as well as the path leading to it, was called after his name, St. Bernard.Hen

What is the Spanish Mastiff breed?

Spanish Mastiff belongs to the type of dogs that have a very good-natured character. First, this breed appeared in Spain by crossing different breeds of dogs, namely, herding, guarding and fighting.After that, for a long time the breed was used only as

Bouvier des Flandres

Herding dog breed.Homeland is Belgium. This breed also has the name like a dirty beard, and first seeing a dog, it seems that it is really worth to bathe.The name Bouvier des Flandres appeared recently; in the homeland, it was used as a guard.

Shar Pei - a friend for the whole family

Shar Pei is a neat dog, sheds quickly, so do not worry about the apartment. On the walks, it will not run through the puddles, and in the house will not gnaw the furniture. The dog cannot be left alone for a long time, since it is very sociable. If there