In these dogs, the blood of the ancient northern dogs and wolves flows.They were domesticated long before people managed to domesticate deer.People always could rely on them in any weather; they overcame great distances in a short time.The Huskies have always been real family members; they always protected children from their birth. They often played the role of heaters for their owners in the harsh cold nights. It is because of these dogs in the late 19th century, the Chukchi were able to defend their independence.However, in the 20th century, the breed almost disappeared, because the Soviet government decided they were useless. Nevertheless, the Americans managed to save Huskies.Namely, in the 30th year, several sled dogs were brought to Alaska, this period came in the Gold Rush and the Huskies started to revive.Moreover, in New York, there is a pedestal mounted husky named Balto, who saved the entire city. Main characteristics Height: to 56 cm.Weight: up to 39 kg. The dog of medium height, well proportioned. Hair is thick, with undercoat, has various colors. It is very hardy and strong.The snout is not large.Ears stand up.Every dog ​​has a completely different pattern on the snout.Eyes are oval; color - brown, amber, blue. Temper Its nature is kind, curious, patient.Not aggressive, in fact, they do not show aggression, even to strangers.Because of this, the Husky cannot be a guard. The nature has put autonomy and independence in it.They bark only in extreme cases. They love to spend time with your family, can easily make friends with other animals and they are tenderer and caring with children.None of the Huskies never harmed the child. Despite all the love to all the family members, it will only listen to someone it chooses as the owner. Keeping It requires much physical exertion, because they were born for hard work.It may be kept in the apartment, if you provide long walks.Surely, they will be happy only in a country house with a large surrounding area.It would be ideal to put it in harness sometimes.It is not necessarily to be an athlete, sometimes it is enough to take the dog for a bike ride. Huskies by nature have no smell, and are very clean.Bathe it with shampoo every six months.They almost do not shed all year; shedding happens a couple of times a year, when the hair completely changes.Comb it periodically.