Grooming: is it really necessary to a dog?

To put oneself in order, each of us carries about the same steps: washes, dresses, and brushes his/her hair.The same hygienic measures must be carried out with their pets.Combing and trimming your dog is not a self-indulgence, but the necessary care.


This is a procedure that will ensure your pet healthy shiny coat.While combing hair is removed from the dirt, dust and dead skin particles and hairs.Circulation becomes better, which means the dogs hair will grow faster and healthier.In addition, you produce the skin and hair massage.There are many devices for combing dogs: brushes with different length and frequency of teeth, a brush slicker, furminators, trimming with frequent and rare teeth, combs, and slickers to remove lint.

Do not rush to buy all kinds of combs in pet stores.Remember the tool is selected in accordance with the breed of dog, the length and thickness of its hair.

Shorthaired dogs

For breeds with short hair you should have a comb with metal teeth; it will serve as a massage brush.Basically, such a comb is for paws and ears.To comb the entire body you will need a comb with short teeth.

Longhaired dogs

You will need more effort for long hair.First, you need to look after hair using a slicker brush and then comb with a fine-toothed comb.Comb hair from the roots.Moreover, pay much attention to the latest.

Smooth coated breeds

With these dogs there will be less work and adaptations.All you need is a glove with rubber teeth and cloth flannel or suede.The hair is combed with a glove, and then flannel removes dead hairs.If you follow these simple steps, you will make your pets hair smooth and shiny.

Wirehaired breeds

It is pretty difficult to comb such breeds.Dogs have a short dense undercoat, on top of which grows longer, and very tough hair.Such hair sheds badly, so owners should get rid of the old hair mechanically.This process is complicated and requires certain skills, so breeders are encouraged to contact the groomer (dog hairdresser).

General rules of combing

Usually dogs do not like to be combed, so it is important for the pet to carry out this procedure properly.It is worth noting that you need to teach your dog from the first days of stay in the house (when was the adaptation period).It is important to create the right atmosphere to your pet, so nothing causes discomfort.In any case, do not shout at the dog, and do not threaten it, since the animal would have strong associations with negativity.Talk to the dog gently; treat it with what it loves.

Start brushing from the head, passing to the back, hips and legs.If you are the owner of a lap dog or a schnauzer, comb well long hair on the snout, and spaniels hair on the ears.First, you need to untangle clumps.A comb with few teeth will help to do this.To remove the mats, there are special cutters for mats.They cut a mat, after which it can be easily untangled.

Just like humans, dogs need a haircut.It is intended to remove needless hair and shape.The haircut can be carried out both at home and at the experts.If you prepare your dog for the show, it is better to take the pet to the groomer.Since for each breed of dog there are certain parameters of a haircut.They are divided into hygienic, model and shows.Today there are special grooming salons.There you can order for your pet haircut, washing, drying, combing, and cutting claws, and so on.

Tools for grooming:

  • 1.Scissors (conventional and thinning).
  • 2.Clippers (mechanical and electrical).For the price, they are more expensive, but they are in great demand due to its convenience and efficiency.
  • 3.There are also trimmers for a hairstyle of hair on the legs.

Before haircut the dog should be washed.To do this, use the special caring agents.First, hair is combed and mats are untangled, then washed with shampoo; the conditioner is then applied, dried and combed.The hair of some breeds of dogs is dried and combed at the same time, and some are better to dry in the beginning and only then comb.

It should be noted that if the dog is always just groomed, the root of the hair remains in the skin and prevents the growth of the new hair, thereby causing severe irritation.Therefore, dogs should be subjected to the procedure of trimming (hair plucking).The animals do not like this procedure; however, it is painless and necessary.

Grooming: is it really necessary to a dog?