Choosing a breed of dog

No holiday cannot be compared with the time when a four-legged friend appears in the family. It is sad for those puppies that come to the shelter because they were purchased at the time of impulse of desire. Most of these negligent owners do not consider the chosen breed is not suited for keeping in an apartment, and that, they cannot find the time to train a dog.

Of course, it also happens that changes in life happen for reasons beyond human circumstances: a divorce, change of residence, illness, and more.

The dog is a big responsibility. After the appearance of the animal in the house will have to change their entire way of life.

When choosing a dog, you should consider several factors:

  • size of the future pet;
  • breed;
  • sex;
  • the family pet

When choosing a dog you should also take into account the conditions of keeping: an apartment or a private house. Dogs of small breeds can be great companions and not looking at a tiny growth, will stand up for their owners. They are well-suited for urban residents, the elderly. A Poodle or a cocker spaniel will be great friends for children; if there is a hunter in the house, the dachshund would be a company for him, and a toy terrier will always accompany the lonely pensioner.

The second issue when choosing a dog is its hair. Longhaired dogs require much more care (washing, combing), light hair is clearly visible on the carpet, many dogs need grooming or trimming (Poodle, Yorkshire terrier, Schnauzer, Airedale), which will involve additional costs, and so on.

A Golden Retriever is an ideal versatile dog. It is suitable for the dad-hunter, and for the mother, so that she was sure for the safety of the apartment, and will be a companion for the children. Airedale, despite its size, will feel good in the apartment. It gets along well with children and can stand up for them. Boxers, St. Bernards, bobtails and spaniels are very fond of children and make them an excellent company on walks and games. In general, most dogs are very attached to children, especially if they are growing along with them.

If you purchase a puppy with a pedigree, the question of its participation at shows raises. A dog passed the show is permitted for breeding. Many owners are satisfied their pet is a family member, not a show participant. Even if the dog does not participate at shows, it does not affect either the life of the pet or its health.

Puppies are distributed when they are 2-3 months old. At this age, it is very difficult to predict to which of the puppies in the future belong the victorious career fairs. In this regard, most breeders hold promising puppies. Therefore, if the goal is to buy a puppy for shows, then you will have to wait 6 months.

The breeder gives the new owner the pedigree of a puppy - a puppy card or metric of a puppy and a document on the sale of the dog for which the registration for the new owner is made. Without such documentation, the dog will cost much cheaper, and it will not be able to continue to participate at shows or breeding. In addition, the breeder provides information about the care, nutrition, the timing of de-worming, vaccinations and so on.

Another important question - a male or a female dog? Female dogs are more obedient and affectionate; they are easier to deal with in training. In addition, the lady-dog is interested in the opposite sex only during the estrus, which is 1-2 times a year; whereas for males this question is always open.

Despite the fact there are a lot of advertisements for the sale of puppies it is much better to buy a dog from a breeder or owner of the nursery, which is breeding a certain breed. Here you can get information about the puppies parents, advice on the keeping, and information on the specific characteristics of the selected species.

Buying a dog, you should buy a harness or a leash. While all the necessary vaccinations are not made for your puppy, it is not allowed to contact with other dogs. For the puppy, a small box or a basket is good.

Before you buy the dog, it is necessary all family members were in agreement with this decision. Before you choose a puppy as a gift, you must be sure the future owner shares this desire.

Be responsible while choosing a breed. For example, the regal beauty Afghan hound will feel good in a spacious room; an elderly woman will hardly cope with energetic terrier, and a setter is more appropriate for the hunter than a lapdog. The right choice of a dog is a duty not only to yourself but also to the dog.

Choosing a breed of dog