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Dogs: translated from the dog's language

Although dogs cannot speak, it does not mean they are mute. It may bark, growl, howl, whine... and all this in different ways. Its rich repertoire of sound it uses to communicate with its owner and to communicate with its relatives. Leaping barking

What is up with the dog's stomach?

Digestion is a set of processes occurring in the body, resulting the substance coming from food, are broken down into simpler compounds, absorbed by the body.For proper diagnosis, it is necessary that a vet fully examines the animal and, if necessary, use

Who is a leader - you or your dog?

Training is nothing else than the development of animals corresponding conditioned reflexes. Who does not know Pavlov's dog? For example, if the command "Sit!"is given several times, before you forcibly make the dog sit, it becomes a conditioned stimulus,

How to train a circus dog

Dog training has never been easy. To do this, we must be able to communicate with animals, and encourage them to properly construct a sequence of tricks, from the most simple to complex. One of the most popular methods of training in circus is method of e

Do you need a dog? First, gauge yourself!

Every normal future owner of the four-legged friend has such a question.Where to find the answer?Now, in the networks of the Internet we can find all sorts of information and material about the peculiarities of dog breeds and a range of criteria of one or

Dog diseases - symptoms and treatment

Surely everyone faced the fact, as the negative impact on the atmosphere of family when someone of its members is ill.It refers to a situation when the dog is sick, which cannot even say what illness it has. Most dog diseases are directly related to the

German shepherd: pros and cons

German shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.In addition, it is not surprising: they are smart, loyal, strong, excellent defenders, companions and friends.However, a German shepherd and its care, require a lot of time and effort.If y

Raising a puppy at the first year of its life

The dog is a mans friend, and as a rule, when it becomes our friend, it is necessary to educate it properly. To your friend grew up good and decent dog, you need to bring it up from the moment you brought it home.

Grooming: is it really necessary to a dog?

To put oneself in order, each of us carries about the same steps: washes, dresses, and brushes his/her hair.The same hygienic measures must be carried out with their pets.Combing and trimming your dog is not a self-indulgence, but the necessary care.

Choosing a breed of dog

No holiday cannot be compared with the time when a four-legged friend appears in the family. It is sad for those puppies that come to the shelter because they were purchased at the time of impulse of desire. Most of these negligent owners do not consider


In these dogs, the blood of the ancient northern dogs and wolves flows.They were domesticated long before people managed to domesticate deer.People always could rely on them in any weather; they overcame great distances in a short time.

Proper puppy's training

To train an intelligent, understanding commands dog, first you must learn to understand what it wants at any given moment, to understand its mood and state of health.The problem of understanding between a dog and an owner is always in the foreground.The r