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Astrological signs of dogs: Leo

From birth, Leo-puppies expect from the owner attention and love, admiration and praise.They look down on other pets in the house, because dog-Leo is a stranger, it is from other planet, from more developed world than this.Therefore, any rules of behavior

Estrum in a dog: how to cope with natural instincts?

Estrum is one of the most important stages in animal’s life. It stipulates its behavior changes. Every owner should know the reasons of the process. It will help not to demand hard orders from your pet and to prepare for its disobedience. It is

The most expensive dog breeds

Dogs are mans friends. They are loyal, affectionate and always happy to see us when we come home. We treat them with great love, care for them and watch them to be healthy, fed and joy. We even give them human names. We are proud of them, visit dog shows.

Best breeds of dog to live in apartments

Everyone in his life sometimes needs a way of escaping. Somebody wants to change work, somebody moves to other city and somebody gets a dog. It might be a true guard or funny friend or both. Before you bring a fluffy ball home, you should think about

Justify the use of electrical dog collar in dog training

Traditionally it is believed the presence in the house of any pet, especially, involves caring for it, and responsibility for its health and life.In the case of a dog, the owner of the animal, the responsible attitude implies not only timely feeding, trea

The Ultimate Guide to Dog First Aid: Everything You Need to Know

Before the puppy enters your home, it is necessary to write down addresses and phone numbers of vet clinics.In addition, if there were not any dogs in the house, the puppy should be examined by a vet to get the most complete information about its care and

Dogs: translated from the dog's language

Although dogs cannot speak, it does not mean they are mute. It may bark, growl, howl, whine... and all this in different ways. Its rich repertoire of sound it uses to communicate with its owner and to communicate with its relatives. Leaping barking

What is up with the dog's stomach?

Digestion is a set of processes occurring in the body, resulting the substance coming from food, are broken down into simpler compounds, absorbed by the body.For proper diagnosis, it is necessary that a vet fully examines the animal and, if necessary, use

Who is a leader - you or your dog?

Training is nothing else than the development of animals corresponding conditioned reflexes. Who does not know Pavlov's dog? For example, if the command "Sit!"is given several times, before you forcibly make the dog sit, it becomes a conditioned stimulus,

How to train a circus dog?

Dog training has never been easy. To do this, we must be able to communicate with animals, and encourage them to properly construct a sequence of tricks, from the most simple to complex. One of the most popular methods of training in circus is method of e

Do you need a dog? First, gauge yourself!

Every normal future owner of the four-legged friend has such a question.Where to find the answer?Now, in the networks of the Internet we can find all sorts of information and material about the peculiarities of dog breeds and a range of criteria of one or

Dog diseases - symptoms and treatment

Surely everyone faced the fact, as the negative impact on the atmosphere of family when someone of its members is ill.It refers to a situation when the dog is sick, which cannot even say what illness it has. Most dog diseases are directly related to the