Bouvier des Flandres

Herding dog breed.Homeland is Belgium. This breed also has the name like a dirty beard, and first seeing a dog, it seems that it is really worth to bathe.The name Bouvier des Flandres appeared recently; in the homeland, it was used as a guard. It was first presented at the dog show in 1910, and two years later the first club was created. During the First World War, this breed almost disappeared, as has participated in the fighting as an orderly dog; one dog was even awarded a red cross.It is believed this breed was used to derive the giant schnauzer. Main characteristics A large, strong dog.Square-shaped bodies. Muscles are strong, well developed. Height: up to 71 cm.Weight: up to 39 kg. The head is large, proportional.The chest is broad. Hair is thick, long, with well-developed soft undercoat. Color: yellow, black, brindle, pepper and salt. Temper The temper is normal, good-natured; they are not huge, and not aggressive killers, with the right education you can get quite an adequate dog.They are comfortable with the other pets, and quickly find a common language with them.In addition, if the friendship begins from puppyhood, then reaching maturity, these dogs even start to protect their friends. The Bouvier des Flandres immediately handles any offender.It treats children normally, but do not leave them alone, a child might accidentally hurt the dog, and it will not stand that. They are easy to train. Another trait of these dogs: it will not bark without a reason, it need a serious reason to bark.They are loyal to their owners, but very suspicious to strangers.To them, all men except the owner is potential danger. Keeping Hair requires a lot of time, because it is quite long and very thick that requires daily combing.Another weak point is the eyes, the hair on the head in the form of fringe occasionally gets in its eyes, causing irritation; inspect them and if trim the hair if it is necessary. The rest of the care is as for any large dog.It must have a clear understanding of where its place to sleep and feeding is. It is necessary to ensure sufficient exercise, to walk at least twice a day. From the first days, you need to train the dog, and give it a lot of time.Otherwise, you will grow a huge uncontrollable monster.