Raising a puppy at the first year of its life

The dog is a mans friend, and as a rule, when it becomes our friend, it is necessary to educate it properly. To your friend grew up good and decent dog, you need to bring it up from the moment you brought it home. It is important to teach your pet the behavior rules: 1) Your pet should eat only from its bowl. Everything you want to feed your pet put in its bowl. 2) The dog should eat only on your command. If the puppy is very small, then hold it without letting eating from a bowl of fifteen to twenty seconds, and then say the command. With the growth of puppy increase endurance. Do not let the dog to eat without your command. 3) Do not allow your pet to eat from the ground or the floor. If a piece of food is dropped on the floor, do not let your pet eat that. Defiantly pick up this piece and throw it so the dog sees it. From two-three months, carry out lessons with your pet. When you want to give it a treat, especially drop a few pieces. If the puppy wants a piece of the fallen treat, then pull its head towards the bowl. The older your friend is, the more and longer train it. When the puppy sees the dropped piece of the treat, but does not run after it, but comes to you then praise him. 4) Do not allow strangers to feed your pet. The dog must know that it cannot take food from other people. Nevertheless, accustom it to the fact that it must not aggressively react to this. It is not difficult to bring up a good dog. The main thing is to give a pet to understand that even the owner, holding a treat, might not give him to eat. When raising a puppy, do not beat him because it can become a coward. Conversely, do not pretend you are afraid of him. Such an attitude towards food can be achieved through several training lessons. Ask your family or friends to help you in raising your friend. Let them to give the dog food, but they must compress the hand and do not allow to eat. It is very well, if there are a lot of strangers. The pet can quickly remember if there are only two or three friends. Moreover, all the classes will be in vain. Praise your puppy after it does not take a treat from someone else. 5) The main thing is to comply with all the rules. It is necessary to constantly work with the dog, to raise it. If you, as the owner, neglect the educational function, then what to expect from your pet? We need patience and understanding. This may take a long time, but never stop there. If you want to educate your pet, teach it some skills and remember that nothing comes at once. You need to educate it from an early age, from the first day you brought the dog home. You cannot sleep with your pet in the same bed. It can ask plaintively about it, so that a person begins to show pity. You take it once into your bed, and it will remember that and then will always sleep with you. Do not be afraid to point the dog its place where it has to sleep, to eat and go to the toilet. However, do not beat it. You can a little scare, if you cannot educate it. Praise your pet for its exploits. Do not let your dog chew on your things. Punish it for that. Buy it toys and accustom to them. Play with it with these toys, to generate interest. Walk with your pet a lot. The more it walks in the street, the more it is tired, and it has only two wishes - to eat and sleep. From an early age, accustom the puppy to communicate with kids - the dog must understand that it cannot hurt children. At the same time, keep the puppy pursuit of life; open a new and exciting world. Show your pet, who is the boss. After all, a dog is an animal obeying the pack where there is the leader. Moreover, it is you, so the dog must obey you. Even children should be higher than the dog. Teach your pet to go to the toilet. Pick up the home territory and show it a place where it can ease itself. Also, walk it more often so the dog does not suffer at home for a long time. If you cannot walk, after a sleep always show and take to the toilet. Once the pet went where necessary, encourage it. Therefore, it is worth doing every time: after waking, during the games, after a meal. How do you determine your pet wants to go to the toilet? First, it will be difficult, and then you begin to understand. When the puppy starts to spin, and will look for a place, it is a sign that it wants to go to the toilet. Help it, show the place. Avoid jumps on the owner. Show that you do not like that, repulsive knee in the chest or stand on its hind legs, so it sat down, but not much. Gradually it will begin to understand you.