What is the Spanish Mastiff breed?

Spanish Mastiff belongs to the type of dogs that have a very good-natured character. First, this breed appeared in Spain by crossing different breeds of dogs, namely, herding, guarding and fighting.After that, for a long time the breed was used only as a shepherd dog.Mastiffs were very dedicated to their work, and even in the absence of food did not quit their jobs. Among the features of the character of this breed can be noted boundless self-confidence.This is not surprising, because of the bass barking, not everyone dares to come closer. Due to their large size, Spanish Mastiffs have a particular majesty and so-called cats paws.The male of this breed is much larger than the female.Its height may reach 77 centimeters.While female dogs maximum grow to 72 centimeters in height.The weight of mastiff can vary from 50 to 85 kilograms.It also has a sufficient collar around the head; this property is due to the presence at the base of the head and neck loose skin.The head of the dog related to this breed is of unusual large size, with square snout.Hanging ears emphasize light nature of this breed. Regarding the color of the animal, it is of all different shades of red and wolfish colors.The length of the coat is medium, so it is desirable to comb it as often as possible. These dogs are well susceptible to both the hot and cold climate that allows you to keep them in different hemispheres.The only important factor is the freedom, that is, these dogs need a large area for movement.This breed will not live a long time in the apartment. Stage of the Spanish mastiffs growing is a bit slow, when compared with other dogs.For example, males mature to 3-4 years, and female dogs to 2-3 years.During the period of growing up, it is important to monitor the exercise for the puppies are not too difficult.Due to the rapid growth of this species in a relatively short period, the puppy can gain about 30-40 kilograms that further will be bad for the state of the joints.Growing of these dogs should take place under strict control; otherwise, in the future the dog may experience a variety of serious diseases. Usually, the dog ​​of this breed is able to live 10-11 years, but this is not the maximum term.If you closely monitor your pet, it will live much longer.The main thing for these dogs is care.This breed often has diseases related to the intestines and eyes, so you need to consult a professional vet, who will tell the owners all ways and means of treatment.The most common diseases of the breed are problems with joints You can always rely on this breed because they are loyal friends.In addition, these dogs are perfectly amenable to training, which will enable you to get not only a true friend, but a good guard. In any case, do not leave the dog of this breed alone for a long time, because they are very sensitive.They are always in need of care and the manifestation of your love.With this regard, a dog of this breed always feels if you expect danger, so pay close attention to the behavior of the dog. You can be sure to leave your child with a Spanish Mastiff, as these dogs never do harm to living beings.The only exceptions are cases of self-defense or the defense of the owners.Also, this breed responds well to other pets in the house, even for cats. Today, this breed of dog is very often used in protection of various enterprises.Because of the size of the dog, it effortlessly may catch the attacker. Very often, you can find a variety of pets of this breed at the international dog shows. However, there are people who use these dogs in the wrong way, letting them to fight with other dogs. This leads to disruption of the mental condition of the dog and it will not be able to help it.Therefore, we cannot afford these pets fall into the wrong hands.They deserve loving owners who punish and pet them. Reviewing the features of this breed, we can say with certainty that you will not fine more sincere pet for yourself than it.It will show you out with sadness in its eyes and meet you with a great joy.For your children, this breed will be a real defender of any adversity.The main thing, give your pet love and it will return it to you in times.