How to train a dog rightly?

Many people, who keep a Belgian shepherd, are interested in how to train it. The dog must reach at least seven months of age to develop control and obedience skills. Moreover, by this time the dog should be able to chase, attack, and have a grasp technique. This is due to the fact without the development of these techniques the dog cannot move forward in learning. It is also important to note that all the described methods are only suitable for the training of Belgian Shepherds.

So, what relates to methods of control and obedience: walking on a leash and muzzled, following orders, preserving the lying and sitting position? The dog needs this to protect the owner, as well as to sit on the chain.

The dog should move at the same level as the owner. The leash on the dog should be free. First, you need to make an accurate choice about which side you walk the dog. You should not change this option, as the dog gets used to a certain side. When the dog is accustomed to the leash, it is necessary to pull the leash sharply several times. Such action is necessary to teach the dog to walk beside. Making a start, you should strictly and firmly call the name of the dog and the command Heel! If the dog runs back and forth, you need to make another start of the leash. hen, the dog will not be distracted by different stimuli around, listening to commands. After the full development of this command, you need to teach the dog to stop to change the trajectory and speed. When the owner has stopped, the dog must also make a stop. At the beginning of training this technique, you need to sharply pull the leash and put the dog on. Pulling the leash with one hand up, with the other hand pressing the dog's back, so it sat down. While the dog runs training, you need to make long stops, during which it would have been sitting for a long time, and remembered what to do.

Then the dog must learn how to change direction. You can move through the letter Z. Leading the dog on the leash, it is necessary to turn cool, the dog could not be left behind or go ahead. In parallel, it is necessary to change the rate of movement to the habit of the dog that it should always walk at your feet, fast and slow.

When the dog will master all of the above methods, it is necessary to teach it to wear the muzzle, without using the leash. Before you put it on, you have to fasten the leash to pull it every time the dog will attempt to throw off the muzzle. First, put on the muzzle for a short time. If the dog stops its head, every time you have to stroke its head that it does not stoop it. If this advice does not work, you can attach a rope to the muzzle from the side of the nose of the dog and take it in your hand.

When the dog fully masters all the tricks, you can teach it to come when it hears the command. Teach it using the same methods: hitch off the leash and try to prevent the actions of the animal. To do this, you have to put a collar on the dog and fasten a 10-meter-long leash. Next, in a loud and confident voice call the dog, pulling the leash, so the dog comes closer. The second action is necessary to put the dog in the same way as described in the previous exercises.

Then, it is recommended to work in sitting and supine positions. When the dog is sitting, the trainer has to pull down the leash, ordering: If the animal suddenly rises, the trainers need to press the leash with his foot to the floor. Then, it is necessary to pull the leash; as a result, the dog lies down. Now we need to step back, repeating the same command and dropping the leash without pulling. If the dog still does not lie, it is necessary to go back and put it back. Exercise should be done over and over again until the dog will not follow the order.

Next steps are necessary to accustom the dog to the fact the trainer is not around. First, he has to leave for a few seconds, then a minute. Each time, the time must be increased. The dog understands and remembers this technique if it is still completely motionless until the next arrival of the owner. Initially following the order, the dog is happy and gets up before hearing the command HeelюTo avoid this, you have to come and leave several times, and only then say, Heel!

During the time the dog lies, you can teach it to abandon the bait. The owner, being close to the dog, has to put on and press the leash. The trainer's assistant should throw the feed at a short distance so that the dog could not catch it. The dog will try to get the feed. The task of the trainer is to restrain the animal, saying the command "Down!". As a result, when the dog finally learns all the orders and follows them ideally, you can teach it to protect the trainer and security.

How to train a dog rightly?