Care of a Dog Articles

A puppy: how to choose

Keep in mind a puppy requires greater attention: at an early age, the necessary attitude to the owner lays. Every breed hardly tolerate loneliness, so you should think very carefully.

German shepherd

German shepherd is a popular and well-known breed of dog that was used for herding and working as an office assistant in the investigative activities. The breed was released after the selection of works by crossing different dogs from Germany (southern an

Examine the dog every day

Inspection of the dogs is conveniently combined with brushing and combing its hair, especially longhaired breeds that require regular grooming. First, carefully examine the legs on the subject of whether the nails did not grow. The thorns of plants may st

Rules for training a puppy

Raising a puppy is a big responsibility and large work. If a person has decided not just to get a dog, but to raise it, then it is worthy of all praise and respect. Before you start to educate your puppy, you need to read the necessary literature, to comm

How to choose a dog for the city?

The friendship between a man and a dog has been going on for thousands of years, as long as the first man tamed this wonderful animal. Today, there are more than three hundred and thirty breeds officially registered and the number is growing rapidly every

Dogs who love and treat us

The ancient Greeks believed in the ability of the dogs to heal many human diseases. At one time, the dogs as the sacred animal of Apollo, god of the sun and the Supreme Healer, were sacrificed, begging at the deity the cure of diseases. Then the practice

Laika - the best friend

Often in crossword puzzles there is a question about the second acumen or intelligent breed of dog.Allow me to disagree with the statement that Laika is the second after Shepherd.This misconception is based on the classification of dogs (husky relates to

A dog: pros and cons of keeping

It is not an easy task to get a dog, grow it, and educate. That is to teach the animal properly and grow a really good dog. You have to be a strong personality to become a wonderful dog owner. Also, be aware that a dog is a living being, not just goods. T

You have a Great Dane puppy

Some people believe Great Danes are well trainable, but there is also the opposite view, so which one is correct I believe that any dog ​​should be initially educated, not trained, including the Great Dane. You need to communicate with your dog every day

How to help your dog to deliver?

A favorite dog has decided to award you with the offspring. Nevertheless, none of the family members has experience in delivering a baby. How to better act in such a case? If the family made the decision on his or her own to help the animal, it is best to

The most common dog diseases

Infectious diseases in dogs can be different, but let us look at the most basic and hazardous. Some of these diseases cannot only lead to a death of the animal, but also cause tremendous harm to human life and health. Fever It is a violation of the nervo

Dog's hair care

Beautiful well-groomed dog's hair makes its appearance look nice, protects from the corrosive effects, and maintains optimum temperature balance. Different breeds have difference in hair length and structure. It has the undercoat and cover hair. The hair