Everything You Need to Know About the German Shepherd Breed

German shepherd is a popular and well-known breed of dog that was used for herding and working as an office assistant in the investigative activities. The breed was released after the selection of works by crossing different dogs from Germany (southern and central regions). Dogs can be with long beautiful hair and short smooth hair.

The historical fact of the German Shepherds appearance

If we follow the history, the skeletal remains were found in the Austrian town of the famous zoologist, later the identical remains were found in other European cities. Zoologists compared the Indian wolf with this breed of dog. In 1882, the very first shepherd dog was shown in Hannover; the dog was named Greif and brought in a pedigree breed. Thoroughbred German shepherd appeared in the 19th century. Max von Stephanitz took for German shepherd each fluffy dog who lived in the local areas. He also developed a method of training these dogs, dog-training ideas and training.

German shepherd’s nature

First, the German shepherd breed was necessary only for the protection of cattle so the predator could not attack a herd. This breed of dog is distinguished by excellent character, intelligence and agility. Before you buy a German shepherd, you should be aware of its power, which has been noticed by breeders. Wits allows the dog to quickly grasp all the elements of training. The dog understands who is the boss and what area it should protect. Any aggressive action to the guarded family by German shepherd is taken for an aggressive attack. The specific price is established for Shepherd puppy and adult dog, but the puppies in its age are independent and can be naughty. Once showing who is the boss with the help of the impact of physical force, the dog becomes a full member of the family, and you can switch to "the carrot and stick" approach. Dog loves children and tolerates their difficult character.

Description of the German shepherd breed

In appearance it is very big, menacing dog; muscular physique, somewhat dry. The male dog reaches 65 cm at the withers and a lady-dog reaches 60 cm. The German shepherd has a long neck and a wedge-shaped head, the skull resembles a square. Powerful jaw system, and beautiful lips. The dark eyes of dogs have a little slant. Pointed stand-up ears may actually be laid down, but this does not prevent the dog to hear great. Heavy body and well-developed muscles make the dog majestic, so you can safely buy the German shepherd for the protection. The tail is slightly curved at the end, and it is important to raise when the dog is in a state of heightened care. Rounded sturdy legs set in parallel, large joints. German shepherd can often be seen in the heroic deeds, so that the price for a Shepherd puppy varies on many characteristics.

Proper care of the German shepherd

If you decided to buy a German shepherd it is better to learn about the difficulties that may be faced. Engage with the dog throughout its life. Do not select a long nickname, but jerky to remember. You take full responsibility for the dog; the owner is responsible for its faults. It is better to keep German Shepherd in the enclosure. Puppy is grown at home, prepare a place where it will be warm and there is no draft. It should be free, not hooked to a leash. Wash the dog the extent of pollution. Limit your pet from contact with strangers and other animals. Dogs cannot be taken at entertainment events where there are sparkling fireworks and firecrackers explode. Be sure to encourage your dog in time in accordance with age. Price per Shepherd puppy justifies itself with complete safety of your home.

Education through training

Educate the puppy immediately after it gets into your family. Already with 2.5 months, explain what is possible and what is not. Behavior is different, it wants to scratch its teeth, and sit on the couch, the dog is trying to dominate. A month later, accustom a pet to the commands and responses to them. The training involves playing techniques and encourage delicacy. Start with 10-15 minutes, gradually increasing the training, 2-3 times a day is enough. Methods to protect and grip are worked out with adult dogs. Do not be rude, training should not cause disgust in a pet. If you are on the equipped playground, where there are other dogs, be sure to follow the hygiene and timely vaccination.

Choosing a puppy - what to consider

Buy a puppy in a person who has established himself and has reputable dogs. Dog lover and a good breeder is bound to be selective in feeding them, and meals will be balanced. Dogs, who are prepared for shows, will not be sold with a particular desire as an ordinary guard. Watch its pedigree to determine its hereditary information. For the domestic dog, it is important to be temperamental, but for the service, intelligence is above all. Check puppy's health, appearance, breath, look at the eyes, pimples, etc. Among all the puppies, choose the one that the most fits general characteristics of the German shepherd breed. The puppy should have all the vaccinations, and be reflected in the document. You cannot choose a champion: these qualities are brought up in a dog. The lady-dog should produce offspring once a year. Hearing is verified be a strong pat, liveliness and playfulness are important, sluggish puppy are possibly ill.

Interesting about the German shepherd

  • The dog belongs to the thoroughbred and the world-popular dogs, copes with service and security work.
  • "German" shepherds are incredibly smart, perform feats, rescue, and are true and faithful to their masters.
  • In the world, you can find different monuments of German shepherd; Canada is considered a shining example.
  • There is a white color of German shepherd, which is pretty rare, valuable and expensive, but in the 80's it was a foozle.
  • In China, German shepherd reared tiger cubs, because after the birth tigress could not take care of her offspring.
  • Popular movies were filmed about this breed: Dog work, Inspector Rex and others.

According to Stanley Coren statistical rating, the German shepherd is among the top most intelligent breeds and psychologically prepared. In fact, these dogs are different from their ancestors.

Everything You Need to Know About the German Shepherd Breed