Feed your dog properly

If you do not have a faithful and devoted friend, then get a dog. You will never have the most devoted creature. But the dog is not a toy, and before you get it, think whether you should do it. You should take care of its health and a dog will give you pleasure. If you want your dog healthy, it is necessary to ensure good nutrition. A dog in the past has been wild and it relates to predators, so the main component of animal's food is meat. However, the meat must be three-quarters of the total diet, one-quarter of this must be plant food. The dog food includes beef, horsemeat. Pork in dog's food should be completely ruled out. It is desired to add to dog's food such products as the heart, kidneys, sometimes beef liver, lungs. An important role in animal nutrition play saltwater fish. Before you give fish to a dog, make sure that all large bones have been removed from it. Otherwise, the dog will swallow a large bone that can damage the intestine. Cooking for a dog: - cut the meat into small cubes and simmer for an hour. You can certainly give the dog raw meat, but in this case, the dog can be infected with various parasites, helminthes, for example. Therefore, the meat must be cooked. One kilogram of beef per day for a dog, which weighs 40 kg, is enough; - it is recommended to cut beef bones into pieces such that it can gnaw them to enjoy itself; - cereals and other flour products can be cooked in meat broth that is left from cooking meat. Dogs with great pleasure eat these cereals; - fruit and vegetables are better to give the dog pre-cut them into small pieces, preferably in the form of cheese; - do not exclude from the diet of the dog raw chicken eggs. They are broken into a bowl and mixed thoroughly. You can add a little salt; - it is strictly forbidden to give bird's bones. Tubular bones of birds are the enemy for the dog. These bones can puncture the intestine of the dog, and this in turn will lead to death; - such food as cookies, candies, chocolate are not allowed to give the dog. The dog out on weight, diabetes can develop. - sometimes, you need to add fish oil and vitamins into dog's food. - You can feed your dog twice a day. It is better to do it in the morning and in the evening. Watch the weight of the dog. If the dog starts to get fat, you must reduce the amount of food a day, or increase physical activity to your dog.