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Four tips about cat's upbringing

Small animals are more like kids than we think. Therefore, the attitude towards them should be appropriate. If you have decided to get a pet, then it is a huge mistake to leave it to fend for itself, especially when it is growing, and its character is not

Why does the cat chew out its hair?

Sometimes, cats chew out and lick its hair with such passion that after that it loses presentable look. What is the reason for such animal's behavior and how to deal with it? The most common cause of this self-mutilation is a reaction to the flea. Befor

Three questions to the vet

1. The cat climbs into bed. What to do? You can put a cat's house near the master's bed or take its bedding to another room. As soon as the cat climbs into the house and falls asleep, it can be neatly classified in the other room. If you do not want a b

Cats' tendance

Thus, in the first place, it is necessary to teach your new family member to the toilet. There are cats that learn quickly, and the other - not so quickly. The most important thing is well-equipped litter box comfortable for your pet. Try to find a quiet

Choosing a British kitten

Probably everyone wanted a little and fluffy kitten. There are many ads for the sale of small kittens in the Internet. Can we trust them? Moreover, if you want to buy the British kitten, then you have to be very careful, because there are many people who

Prepare cats to the show: grooming

If you are preparing your pet for the show for the first time, it will not be superfluous to explain what grooming is. All activities aimed at caring for the body surface of the animal, i.e. bathing, licking hair, washing, combing, shearing are called gr

Cat's planet

The variety of cultures on our planet is so great that to study them is not enough for a lifetime. Depending on the mentality, a lot is changing, including the attitude to our younger brothers.

Cats: castration and sterilization

Wonderful creation are kittens! As soon as you see them, you immediately want to take them in your hands, to play with them; you feel some sort of adoration and pleasure.

Cats: comfort for your pet

Like all living beings, cats love comfort, but not every owner knows simple rules that can ensure peace and tranquility of a pet. The most common mistake is the wrong approach of taking the cat in ones arms. Animals are very sensitive to this process, in

What to feed a cat

There is no clear answer to this question, because each of us is based on own experience with cats, personal and material resources in various sources of knowledge in this matter. However, the opinion of vets is well defined: adequate nutrition is the key

Entertainment for a fluffy pet

Cat delights food, rests blissfully, enjoys the game. Being in nature, the animal can do anything. A wasp flew and sat on the flower - nice to meet you. There is a frog - someone new and incomprehensible. Even a detached leaf or a blade of grass waving at

Turkish Van

The breed with long hair, accidentally bred in the territory of the Armenian plateau, now modern Turkey, near Lake Van, was named the Turkish Van. These cats are the oldest members of the animal, considered domestic.