Allergy to cats - what to do?

Everyone knows that cats, these cute furry animals that give the house warmth and comfort, can be a source of real misery. Allergy to cat's hair is considered one of the most common allergic diseases.

Can it be called a disease at all? What is this disease is like: when the cat is next to you, you are sick, sneeze, your tears flow freely, and your skin is itchy. One has only to move away to a safe distance from the animal (at least in another apartment) and all symptoms disappear!

Therefore, everyone who is allergic to cats, try to avoid them. They do not visit friends, if you know that purring monster lives in the house. They are forced to regularly drink antiallergic agents.

Allergy is still one of the mysteries of nature, when the body is not responding to other harmless things. For example, a bee sting, which the average person would only cause pain, can cause allergy to severe shock and even death.

Of course, do not live in fear. But follow some precautions.

If someone in your family is allergic to cat's hair, the best thing would be to get rid of the cat or cats, to give "in good hands". Sometimes it comes in the case of strongly expressed allergy. Nevertheless, most people feel pity to part with their pets, and it is not always justified.

First, you need to still be surveyed at the allergist. Skin tests with a variety of allergens help to identify what causes such a rapid response of the body - animal dander, house dust, pollen, and maybe both together.

Regardless of the outcome, the rules of life for all allergy sufferers are about the same.

First, do the wet cleaning of the apartment at least twice a week.

Second, several times a day ventilate the room, and before bedtime - obligatory. Exceptions are the cases when a person is allergic to pollen, for example, wormwood or other plants.

Then, during the blossoming, the recommendation is opposite - keep the vents closed.

Another important point is the air in the room; it should not be too dry. To do this, use a humidifier in the heating period. They are sold in parts of household appliances, and some models are quite cheap.

Regarding to your favorite, assign someone from home regularly to comb it and wipe with a damp hand. Then you will not have to part with it, and your health will be all right!