Cats' tendance

Thus, in the first place, it is necessary to teach your new family member to the toilet. There are cats that learn quickly, and the other - not so quickly. The most important thing is well-equipped litter box comfortable for your pet. Try to find a quiet place in the house, where your cat cannot hurt anything, and pick the appropriate tray. For kittens, the tray with low walls is good. Another important aspect in this case is the choice of filler for the tray. If you own a pet with long hair, you should choose a filler with large granules, as they will not stick to its hair. It is also important that the layer of filler should not exceed 5 cm. Generally, there are people who think that a good replacement of filler is sand or sawdust, but it is not true. Because such funds of cat health are often spread throughout the apartment on its paws and tail. There is another option, use paper as a mat for the toilet, but newsprint poorly absorbs moisture, which means wet paws of the pet and wet footprints in the apartment. It is necessary to promptly clean up the cat's toilet, and to change the filler, and periodically wash the tray, and it is not desirable to use cleaning products with strong odor. Now you need to think about how you will feed the cat. There are two options. You can give it ready-made food or choose natural diet. When you give your cat dry feed, it is important to make sure that the cat always can drink water when she wants it. During the day, a cat should drink about 120-150 ml of water. If you have chosen natural diet, it is necessary to prepare two kinds of dishes - meat and milk. You can find in the Internet methods of cooking. It is worth noting, that the cat is not allowed to eat fish in large quantities. Twice a week, no more. Fish is harmful for cat's health and contributes load on the kidneys, and the subsequent development of urolithiasis. We must say a few words about cat's claws. It always needs to sharpen its claws, and if there is no suitable scratching post at your house, the cat will choose one. It may be furniture. Therefore, it is better to buy it at the pet store. In addition, it is sometimes necessary to cut its claws; this is not a painful procedure for it but unpleasant. In general, for this case it is better to visit a vet, who will be able to do this without any problems. Cat's hair care is also very important. Naturally, it can take care of itself, but occasionally brushing can greatly help it in this. Neat removal of mats, which should not hurt your pet, is also necessary. This creates the risk that next time she can resist, and the whole process will become much complicated. This article will help you to navigate in such pet care as a cat, and will make the process enjoyable and interesting.