What games can you play with domestic cats?

Representatives of feline are like children, at all ages they just love to play: wild and domestic; large and small. If you have a male cat or a female cat at home, you need to play with them, to provide them with conditions for an interesting pastime. Even an old cat, who by virtue of age does not want to move, drowsy in the heat, will not refuse to play. In owner's company. Cats love active games. Trainings allow them to be always in shape. Your pet is a predator: the very nature gives it movement. After all, they are not sloths, but cats. It is worth considering: to play anything, their regal Majesty will descend, turn away and leave. The selection of games does not account your wishes, but preferences of the pet. Simple games are popular with cats: 1. Hunt for bow or rustling candy wrappers. Cats love to hunt at home too. You are not a game for them, and too large, but the candy wrappers are good. Bind the ribbon or long lace to allow dragging on the floor. Laying subject will not interest a cat for a long time: you will fulfill the role for the motor of the toy. It will be interesting for it to run for it rather than just to drive it with its paw, jump up the toy. 2. You can drive the ball with the cat Not football one, of course: it is too large in size, and frightens a pet. Before you start playing, offer the cat a number of different balls: soft tennis ball and plastic, golf ball, and small children's one. The cat can upholster sports balls with its claws provoking the cat. However, these balls are associated with a mouse. The cat can roll the ball for a long time. Although, it will be bored faster than in your company. 3. Though the cat is not a hamster, but it loves climbing in the maze. Do not specifically look for ready ones, you can make them from different-sized cardboard boxes. Cut inputs - openings that the animal passes without getting stuck, but not too loose. These mazes can be varied in different combinations, to make towers. Cats will be pleased with a box, but a few boxes is generally the ultimate dream. 4. Cats love rustling bags. But you will have to watch out for animals that carried away, it does not get confused and does not get injured. Do not just throw the package to the cat, it will be interesting to jump and run into it with overclocking. You are the holder in this game. In addition, you can play hide and seek with a cat, finding delicacies ... All depends on your imagination and interest of a cat to your notion.