Menu for cats: the pros and cons of prepared feeds

Everyone in his life can adopt a pet at least one time: this is a connection with nature, so necessary for people, even in cities. Have you chosen the cat to communicate with? Perfectly. What to feed with? Conventional wisdom says that the food you eat is enough for cats: first dishes, cereals, sausage, chop, a bowl of milk - and the pet is well fed and happy, in extreme cases it will catch a mouse. However, it is not true.

It has long been civilized pet owners realized that it is not necessary to feed the pets everything you have at hand. This spoils the appearance of little animals, they begin to get sick and it is more difficult to communicate and play with an ill animal.

An alternative to the diet of cats, like other animals, have become ready-made feeds produced with relevant research scientists, laboratory products and observance of strict standards. From such a feed, the pet will not have a stomachache and its teeth do not deteriorate. Moreover, the beast will be satisfied with its life and its owners.

Prepared feeds are good in fast preparation (for you). Open the bag/jar, pour it - and the animal immediately begins the meal. The cat does not need to wait until you come home from work, cook something in a hurry and the intestine will ache from fast food. With ready food, its stomach will receive all necessary minerals - and not only carbohydrates, but vitamins. By the way, they should be fixed in the cat's diet: the overabundance as disadvantage facing health problems.

In addition, do you often prepare food for cats, measure, how many there are minerals and vitamins? Cooked and thanks for that, but for the cat it can be quite tasteless and not helpful. Does the pet often eat carrots, or other vegetables? The feeds include everything.

Speaking of cat tastes: choose the feed that your cat likes. A selection is large: meat and fish, and chicken. Manufacturers produce products for cats and canned food, and a meat sauce, to the case if the pet refuses to eat dry feed. The usefulness of the dry granules is in the fact that the cat cleans its teeth. Once another problem disappears: after dry feed, they need fresh water.

There is a few bugs in dry feeds, but they are not contained in the principle of the diet, and the composition of which corresponds exactly to the standards of production.

You need to carefully read the composition: if there is taurine, then there is no original meat in it. Otherwise, there would have not to enrich the product. Good feed contains all the ingredients, not just carbohydrates. Moreover, be sure to note - the date of manufacture: do not give the cat old food.