Maine Coon care

Maine Coon is a breed of cats that comes from North America, where these cats were born 150 years ago! Legend says the cats with a magnificent striped tail appeared due to love cats and raccoons.

The main difference between this breed from the others is that these cat are the largest cats in the world (meaning domestic breed). Nobility, strength and paradoxically combined with grace and gentleness are inherent for these cats. The tufts on the ears are caused of the emergence of another legend, which says that there was a mix of domestic cats and a lynx. However, all these are just legends, that ruthless science destroys the nines.

These cats are physically strong and able to hunt and survive in the woods, even with strong frosty winters. Talking about the intelligence of the breed, Maine Coon cats have acumen, consistency and logic. The males of this breed are real fathers who take an active part in the upbringing of children. A good memory helps these animals to memorize a large number of words and commands. In addition, these cats may understand their masters through gestures, intonations and attitudes.

Beautiful hair of Maine Coon requires careful maintenance. At least once a week, you need to carefully comb the cat from tangled clumps of hair. These cats are not afraid of water, and therefore love to swim and are not afraid of shampoo. You also need to monitor the cleanliness of the inside of the ear, and this should be done by means of rubbing soft and dry wipes. Claws of the representatives of this breed grow quite quickly, so about once a week it is necessary to cut them with cutters.

You can keep a cat in the apartment and in a private home. Even the apartment is small, it is not difficult for the animal to adapt and live normally. Do not leave windows open if the apartment is located on the upper floors, as the cats of this breed are quite large, and during fall from a great height, they cannot regroup in time. Representatives of this breed as if their personal space is located at a height, so the house with a ladder would be the ideal option, so the cat will feel good and watch down the masters

These cats' feeding consists mainly of fish, chicken and cats can eat the meat of turkey and beef. Once a week you can give the cat quail eggs.