The diet of the German Shepherd

It is often compared to other breeds can be seen as a German shepherd on the street, and when you watch movies, news, various competitions or criminal transmission. This breed of dog has a unique intelligence, loyalty, obedience, it can be called universal, since Shepherd copes with all types of teams and the tasks, it will be for you as a friend and protector, guardian, helper. By purchasing a puppy to raise a worthy ally to devote enough time to training and not only trained, but also proper, balanced diet. From the first day should be carefully consider the choice of products and diet of your pet, as it affects their endurance, physical abilities, and of course beauty. Your dog needs round the clock access to a bowl of clean water and food should be given on time, keep in mind that the dishes must be purchased on a stand with height adjustment to the dog formed a correct posture. Food should not be hot as it can damage his health. Today, the owners have a choice to cook yourself or buy a ready-made food in specialized stores, which is better, everyone decides for himself, balanced diet contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals and is picked up by a certain age, and with the usual food will have to tinker. Puppy feeding after weaning from breast milk is problematic, but the result is worth it. The first thing to remember is the frequency of feeding, your baby is growing and needs to eat 6 times per day, but most importantly do not overfeed, the appetite is excellent and they have to watch it a pleasure, so that's should follow the norms of daily food, and the time of her admission. Up to 2 months of feeding a puppy 6 times a day, at the same time, no more than 200 times per meal. From 2 to 3 months to reduce food intake to 4 times per day, increased the volume up to 300 grams. From 3 months, start to feed your puppy 3 times a day for 0.7-1 liter of food to half a year. After 6 months from the date of birth can be given food in the morning and in the evening at a rate of 1-1.5 liters. Try to give a meal at one and the same time, a variety of products, but if you prefer ready to feed, sometimes try to diversify the diet of puppy, for example by choosing a different flavor, a different composition of vitamins or replaced during dry food cans. The diet of your pet must be present for more than 30% protein foods, cheese and yogurt can be given at the age of 1-2 months, with the month allowed meat is cooked and raw, the daily rate should be divided into 3-4 meals, up to 2 months in the menu puppy once a day should attend one boiled egg boiled. With 2 months can be added to meat soups cooked cabbage, beets. Of cereals are allowed to feed the puppy porridge, buckwheat, barley, rice and couscous, pre sunflower their liking. With 4 months must be replaced 1-2 times a week meat Varenna marine fish. Do not forget the milk, cow's or goat's milk products should be a daily diet of a German Shepherd. Eliminate from your diet puppy beans and potatoes, they are very poorly absorbed by their body. You can also sometimes given as a dainty black rye bread, only the dried. As for the mineral feeding, it should be added several times a day for food, thus you will ensure shepherd missing vitamins and trace elements, improve its appearance and health. The most common way is mineral feeding bone meal, it can be added to food in the first months.