How to feed the dog?

The dog was always cheerful and healthy, it must eat right. To do this, the owner must comply with a certain set of rules of feeding your pet. Such rules exist quite a lot, the basic rule is that the dog should eat balanced. Her diet should contain all the necessary for life, nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. You can not leave uneaten food until the next feeding. The dog should be fed to a regime and at a certain time, but not when he wants. Difficult dilemma is the question, the better to feed the dog: dry food or natural products? Different breeders stick on the subject of different points of view. The unequivocal answer is not here. However, it should be noted that for the one and the other feeding options have their advantages and disadvantages. The food is home-cooked useful if it contains all the nutrients. And it is very difficult to achieve. The process of cooking wholesome food takes time. An even more complex situation with puppies. You will have to strictly calculate every day: how many vitamins and minerals as it should consume. The advantage of this method of feeding is that cooking your own meals, you control its quality. It is not recommended to buy food by weight. It does not last on the shelves, since it lies in open bags. When choosing a pet food should be taken into account age, lifestyle and physical condition of the dog. Some dog owners give their pets mixed dry food and natural products. Not to do so. With this method of feeding the food is not digested properly. If you want to feed your dog combination, then alternate methods of feeding in different meals. In addition to food, it is very important that the dog ever had access to clean water. Bowls should periodically wash, otherwise they accumulate bacteria. Feed your dog dry food a lot easier. It has all the nutrients. The problem is that such food must be of high quality. Experts say that a good diet can not be cheap. So if you can not afford to buy high-quality food, it is best to feed your dog a home cooked meal. Do not feed your dog right before a walk or other exercise, and immediately after it. The dog should have a half hour after any physical activity. The feed must be kept warm (30-40 ° C) or at room temperature. It should not be hot or cold. You can not overfeed your dog. Malnutrition is less harmful than overeating. Obesity harms the joints and cardiovascular system. The dog should not be given low-quality products. You should refrain from pork bones, raw river fish. Boiled fish give only boneless. The dog can not be sweet, spicy, salty, fatty, fried. Peas, beans and other legumes dogs do not eat. Alcohol causes the dogs quickly addictive. Love your pets and look after their health.