What food dog cannot eat

Does your pet look at you with hypnotic eyes and implore for a peace of food you have just started to eat?

Before you regret this "unhappy" actor or actress, you should know what you may pay for your own weakness. For your dog such breakfast may not be harmful to health, it may be life threatening.


It is said since ancient times, that salt is white death. This statement could be applied to the canine diet. Excess salt in the diet can lead to vomiting and diarrhea, so take it a rule not to add salt to your pet food. After all, a dog is not a man!

Also, if you gave your dog a piece of pizza or meat, sprinkled with pepper, be prepared for the fact that the animal will drink a lot of water. Food with hot spices will not only lead to an excessive desire to drink, but also will be a wonderful occasion for stomach problems - vomiting, diarrhea, or even ulcer. Moreover, the food with aromatic herbs will spoil hunting dog's power of scent.

If the dog wants sweets

One of the major mistakes of the owners is that he gives it sweet treats. This may be chocolate, cookies, candied fruit or even exotic fruit. Remember, all of these products may cause irreparable harm to the dog, or even lead to death. 50 grams of chocolate can kill a poodle, dachshund, or a dwarf Pomeranian Spitz for one simple reason: it contains cocoa, which even in tiny doses dog's heart cannot stand.

Moreover, giving the animal raisins remember that you by your own cause damage to the kidneys and liver of your pet. The most dangerous enemy for the dog is an exotic fruit, avocado. There is persin in the leaves and fruit, its use will lead to diarrhea, vomiting, weakness, and temperature increase. Instead, offer the dog a piece of apple or watermelon - such a treat will be the most useful.

Tubular bones

Many newcomers among breeders believe: a dog and a bone are inherent notions. However, such a misconception, can lead to tragic consequences. Have you ever tried to crack chicken, beef or turkey bones? Since these bones are tubular, breaking them, you can see as sharp as a knife blade fragments. Now imagine what will happen to the animals, if such a fragment is in its intestines, stomach, or it gets stuck in the throat. Very often in such cases, a vet help may be useless - blade bone will pierce the stomach or the intestines like a razor blade, and cause a deadly peritonitis.

Caffeine and onions

Every owner who means well his animal, must know that he should never give the four-legged favorite onions, garlic and caffeine. Regular use of sulfoxides and disulfides, which they contain, will necessarily lead to the development of anemia. As for caffeine, this product is toxic to the dog's stomach - diarrhea and vomiting are guaranteed. Furthermore, products containing caffeine will adversely affect heart and nervous system of the dog. Buying feed for your dog at stores, do not forget to watch ingredients - the dog menu should include nothing more than meat, vegetables and vitamins.

What food dog cannot eat