The need for food for the dog's life

Dogs can not eat what people eat. Not because they do not like human food, but because the dog's digestive system is not able to fully digest it all. "Dog" diet should be as balanced and contain a sufficient amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. And all this diversity should not only be combined with each other, but also present in food in the right proportions. Some owners prepare their own food for their pets. But this approach to food requires you a lot of effort, time and energy. Because even if you have to prepare quality products (meat, eggs, bread, fish), you have to carefully calculate the daily, daily diet of your pet to ensure the flow of his body all the necessary materials. It is much more convenient in this regard prepared rations. The composition of dog was carefully designed and balanced, and from the point of view of most veterinarians and dog owners, it is best to meet the needs of dogs. In addition, a diet, much longer retain their beneficial qualities, diverse menu allows you to select a diet according to individual tastes of each dog. But the main advantage of a ready supply is the fact that it is made according to the age and physiological features of our four-legged friends. Thus, the popular line of diets Pedigree ® includes dry and wet diets for puppies, adult and senior dogs. Puppies In the first few weeks after birth, the main source of food for puppies is, of course, the mother's milk: it contains all the necessary health and rapid growth of the substance. But after 3-4 weeks the baby starts to prepare for separation from the mother and transferred to a thick and solid food. It is for this purpose the specialists of Pedigree ® was developed by a dry diet "first foods", which gives the kid in front of every parent feeding. Ventricle puppy at this age is still very small, so it should be fed little and often. It is very important at this time to monitor the baby's weight and avoid overfeeding, which can negatively affect their health and cause obesity, liver disease, problems in the development of bone and muscle tissue. Dogs, growing At the age of 3-6 months of a puppy's energy needs are growing, much higher than an adult dog needs. Therefore, the diet must provide his kid enough for the growth and harmonious development of useful substances. Starting three months, a puppy can be translated into Pedigree ® «basic diet," which is made from high quality of products and contains a specially selected fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. The most efficient in this age is a mixed feeding, which consists of wet and dry rations in the series. At the age of six months, most puppies tend to reach half the weight of an adult dog. During this period, you can reduce the number of feedings to 1-2 times a day, depending on the breed and size of the puppy. For puppies of larger breeds that are still growing and developing rapidly, the company Pedigree ® has developed a special diet for puppies of large and giant breeds "Strong joints," which contains all the necessary for a growing body, minerals and vitamins. Food for puppies to be easily digestible and high calorie, to provide all the needs of children. Adult dogs The diet of an adult dog depends primarily on its breed, weight, level of activity, living conditions and other factors. It is important that in the adult dog food in sufficient quantity present proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and all the necessary health and active living minerals. Ideal food for adult dogs with normal activity levels is the ruler of rations Pedigree ®, which includes wet and dry rations, designed to meet the needs of dogs of various breeds and weight categories. Choosing a ready food for your pet, which focuses primarily on visual performance.Can be considered a good sign of the additive in pup weight or maintaining a stable weight of an adult dog, a healthy bright eyes, shiny silky hair, mobility and energy. To feed an adult dog should be 1-2 times a day, depending on its weight, activity, and even the time of year. Working dogs Working dogs, which include some members of the working and hunting breeds, spend several times more energy than normal adult dogs. Therefore, the diet for them must completely cover their energy costs and contribute to the development of muscles. The daily rate of the working dog preferably divided into three parts, one of which was given to him in the morning, and two-thirds (bulk) - in the evening, after the end of exercise. And be sure to make sure that during the day he had free access to drinking water. Aging Dog Older dogs, in most cases, inactive, and therefore need much less food than healthy adult dogs. So, if you want to extend your life of your pet, try to feed him more often, but much smaller portions. Through its inactivity aging dogs often start much to gain weight, which can lead to obesity, hormonal background and other diseases that lead to early death. Therefore carefully monitor the weight and health of your "old" by adjusting the diet, based on these indicators. One of the best options for feeding older dogs is a specially designed diet 'Adult dogs over eight years "of Pedigree ®, developed with all the age-related changes. Pregnant Dog In the nutrition of pregnant females should be treated with special attention, because it affects not only their health but also the health of future puppies. Do not immediately increase its daily diet to avoid obesity and its related problems. But with the fifth week of pregnancy, the amount of food should be increased weekly by 10-15% (before the birth of the puppies daily rate is expected to grow by almost half). Since the rate of feeding pregnant female is constantly increasing, and the need to increase the number of meals, bringing it to 4-5 times a week. The greatest need in the diet of a pregnant occurs 3-4 weeks before the birth of the puppies, and continues throughout the period of lactation. To fully meet his body with necessary fats, proteins, carbohydrates and micronutrients, use dry and wet rations Pedigree ®, providing dog constant access to fresh fresh water.