Products are harmful to dogs

Dogs love to eat, especially if it's food from the master's table. Unfortunately, human and canine physiology of digestion are not the same, and some of the products that we can use without problems, potentially very dangerous for dogs. Even the cat food that is too greasy and has an excess of protein, it is not recommended to give dogs. Table scraps Giving a dog residues of food, which would otherwise be intended for dumpster? Often a bad idea. While we abuse the huge amount of salt and sugar, the body is unable to process their dogs. Fried in fat foods can cause cancer in dogs and pancreatitis. Beef stew, Chinese food, baby food or pizza can contain onion powder, onion or garlic. They are thiosulphate, which is particularly harmful to red blood cells of dogs. As a result of eating onions and garlic may be vomiting, diarrhea, breathing problems, or liver damage. And do not feed the dogs mushrooms. You can not always feed the dogs, especially puppies, liver avoid hypervitaminosis. This can adversely affect the bones and muscles of dogs. Bones Most people know about the dangers that can cause the dog fish or chicken long bones. But most people know that dogs love to chew on bones, give them cooked bones from the meat dishes. Cooked bones can block the digestive system. So that they do not hurt your dog to give them only in very small amounts or opt out of this type of treats, as the benefits of them are very small. Pork bones as well as the meat is not desirable to give dogs. If you want to please a dog bone, which will benefit, allow it to beef or veal bone. Candy and other "fun" Sweets are usually very bad for the constitution and should be kept out of reach of the dog place. Chocolate is one of the main substances that should be avoided because it has a cardiac stimulant and a diuretic property which are harmful to dogs. The most serious consequences of consumption of dog chocolate can be coma and death. Nuts, grapes, raisins, citrus and especially alcohol, which can kill dogs, should be excluded from the diet. It is not necessary to give the dogs a lot of eggs, which can cause allergic reactions, a maximum of one egg per week. Raw dough during the expansion in the stomach, may lead to temporary obstruction of digestive tract. Milk can cause diarrhea in adult dogs, so you only drink milk puppies.