Ration of puppy

Thus, he at home. His place is ready, purchased toys, chosen bowl, collar... And here a kid sniffed around his small "bed" already, uncertainly looked around, and left independently to master territory. Very soon will a walk grow into the searches of meal, and a question will appear: what and how correctly to feed a kid? Governed № 1. Forever memorize that not always that we eat befits dogs. Very often we or our to put like to be partaken with favourites by "sweets", such usual for a man. Remember, that you not only can inflict harm to the favourite, but also literally to kill him - for example, by a chocolate. Necessarily become familiar with the list of products potentially dangerous for the organism of your favourite. And if you will wish treat a kid, make happy him by the real "doggy" sweets - stone or special cookie for dogs. Even, if from your point of view they smell or look unappetizingly, remember, that in dogs - tastes. Governed № 2. For the healthy height of puppy the special balanced feed is needed for kids. There must be all necessary nutritives in his stern, and especially squirrel, mineral salts and vitamins. Absence or shortage of that or other to the component can cause the delay of height of favourite or deviation from normal development. Are many set by a question: or to feed with kids a natural meal, independently warehousing a ration and buying products, whether to use the prepared feed? Independently to lay down an ideally balanceration, taking into account the features of breed and way of life of favourite is a task extraordinarily difficult. Preparation of healthy meal can occupy on a few hours and need considerable financial expenses. In addition, dogs very difficult adapt oneself to the permanent frequent change of consistency and ingredients of feed Therefore many proprietors of dogs give advantage to the special dry or moist rations for feeding of the kids. During the choice of ration for a kid, veterinary doctors advise to pay attention to quality and quantitative composition of feed and circumstance that his creation serious researches of necessities of favourites are the basis of. It touches not only the components of meal of puppy but also power balance. Without regard to that puppies need far more energy, than to the adult dog, it is necessary to keep vigilance and not allow to the puppy to become a little "barrel". Well and usually, an important factor of healthy height is vitamins and mineral substances. Many proprietors of dogs grumble about that their favourites renounce a meal different vitamin-mineral additions are finished mixing in that. And to compel a kid to eat a carrot... And between that, a feed that does not contain vitamins and minerals can cause unpleasant consequences for your kid. As far as he will have strong teeth, healthy internal organs and brilliant wool is all mortgaged in the first months of life of dog. Governed № 3. For puppies very important mode. Crumb in age from 2th to 4th months it follows to feed not less than four-five times on a day. From the 4th months of kid gradually translate on three meal per day. And here a junior in age 9-12 months already can be fed, as an adult dog - 2 times on a day. Especially, if your kid is a spaniel, as for the doggies of this breed quite often absent sense of saturation. And kids, and adults beg often, but more often they ask not to eat, but your attention. Yes, we will not hide, that grow a healthy and good dog very unsimply. But, walking up to the question of feed of kid with all responsibility and securing support of professionals, you will be able to present healthy and happy life to your dog.