The diet of puppy

The diet of puppy Consequently, it houses. His place was ready, purchased toys, chosen bowl, collar ... And that baby is already sniffed his "crib", tentatively looked around and went to independently develop the territory. It soon becomes a walk in search of food, and the question arises: what and how to feed your baby? Rule number 1. Always remember that dogs do not always fit what we eat. Very often, we or our children love to share with pets "treat" such familiar to the person. Remember that you can not only harm your pet, but also literally kill him - for example, chocolate. Be sure to check the list of products potentially dangerous to the body of your pet. And if you want to pamper baby Treat it real "dog" treat - a bone or a special biscuits for dogs. Even if in your opinion they smell or look unappetizing, remember that dogs - their tastes. Rule number 2. For the healthy growth of puppies require a special balanced nutrition for babies. It should be feed all the necessary nutrients, and especially proteins, mineral salts and vitamins. The absence or lack of a component can cause growth retardation pet or deviation from normal development. Many people ask the question: natural food to feed the kids, self skladuyuchy diet and buying groceries, or use ready-made food? Independently make a perfectly balanced diet, taking into account the features of the breed and lifestyle pet - an extremely difficult task. Preparation of a truly healthy food can take several hours and require significant financial costs. In addition, dogs are very hard to adapt to the constant change of consistency and common food ingredients. So many dog ​​owners prefer a special wet or dry rations to feed their babies. When choosing a diet for your baby, veterinarians are advised to pay attention to the quality and quantity of feed and the fact that at the heart of its creation are significant research needs of pets. This is true not only of components puppy food, but also the energy balance. Despite the fact that the puppies should be much more energy than an adult dog, you need to remain vigilant and not to allow the puppy to become a small "barrel". And of course, an important factor in the healthy growth - vitamins and minerals. Many dog ​​owners complain that their pets refuse to eat, which blended a variety of vitamin and mineral supplements. And to get the kid to eat a carrot ... It is easy to imagine the outraged pofirkuvannya in response to such culinary experiments. Meanwhile, the food does not contain the vitamins and minerals that can cause unpleasant effects on your baby. As far as he will have strong teeth, healthy internal organs and shiny coat - all this is laid in the first months of the dog's life. Rule number three. For kids is very important mode. Crumbs in age from 2 to 4 months should be fed at least four or five times a day. With the 4-month baby is gradually transferred to three meals a day. But the junior at the age of 9-12 months, it is already possible to feed as an adult dog - 2 times a day. In no case did not fall for sentimental views of your baby when he "asks" tidbit. Especially if your kid - spaniel, as the dogs of this breed often lack a sense of saturation. And kids and adults often beg, but more often than not they ask for food, and your attention. Yes, we will not hide the fact that grow healthy and good dog is not easy. But, coming to the issue of child nutrition with great responsibility and with the support of professionals, you will be able to give your dog a healthy and happy life.