California Spangled

Paul attracted breeders to the creation of a new breed and the work has begun. In the California Spangled breeding as an independent breed, Siamese male cat and Angora silver female cat were crossed. Having got wanted color, Casey wanted to soften rough hair of further descendants and he crossed British and American Shorthair, Manx and Abyssinian cats. The final touch in the formation of the breed became Egyptian and Malayan street cats. They had a primitive, not home appearance, which Paul Casey wanted. In 1986, the breed was named "California Spangled" was declared as an independent.

The color is the visiting card of the breed. The cat resembles a small leopard with bright oval dark spots. The spots appear with age, kittens are born completely white. Muscular, strong body, low gait make California Spangled a born hunter. The breed has fully developed jaws, good and strong head. The ears are rounded, located high above its head. It seems that the ears are a little behind the face due to its location. Large and almond-shaped eyes, the color depends on the color of the hair. The white "Leopard" must have only blue eyes. The color ranges from silver with bright spots to white. The spots may be silver, red, bronze, blue, dark gray, gold and brown. Only these colors are acceptable, others are considered waste.

California Spangled cats, despite the menacing look, are good-natured and gentle creatures. They are affectionate, sociable and very energetic. They love to play and are in need of special attention of the owner. The breed is not aggressive, but quite mobile. They get along with other cats, but do not like dogs. Therefore, it is better to keep it as the only pet. It is really beautiful cat and it will cost more than a $1000.